SSL/TLS Certificate Service SCS

SSL/TLS Certificate Service (SCS) provides you with a one-stop management service for Secure Sockets Layer/Transport Layer Security (SSL/TLS) certificates throughout their lifecycle. Jointly developed by Huawei and globally well-known digital certificate agencies, SCS implements trusted identity authentication and secure data transmission for websites.

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Easy to Use

SCS provides a one-stop platform for cloud certificate application, management, query, and verification. It helps you apply certificates to HUAWEI CLOUD services.

Free Choice

You can select certificates provided by different certificate providers such as TrustAsia, Symantec, and GeoTrust on one platform.

High Security and Reliability

SCS implements secure management of certificates and related information based on Huawei's advanced, highly secure password solution. It also provides distributed storage and service architectures to ensure certificate reliability.



  • Distributed storage cluster: Provides highly reliable, scalable, and secure certificate storage service.
  • Distributed certificate service cluster: Provides stable and highly concurrent certificate application, issuing, management, and integration services together with third-party certificate providers.
  • Third-party CAs: Partners with world-renowned certificate service providers such as TrustAsia, Symantec, and GeoTrust.

Application Scenarios

Trusted Authentication for Enterprises' Websites

Application scenario:

enterprises' websites


Provides trusted authentication based on digital certificates for enterprises' websites to prevent the websites from being forged.

Trusted Enterprise Applications

Application scenario:

cloud and mobile application services


Provides trusted authentication based on digital certificates for enterprise applications such as CRM, OA, and ERP on the cloud to prevent unauthorized access.

Application Data Transmission Protection

Application scenario:

data transmission between websites/applications and clients


Encrypts data transmitted between clients and applications/websites to prevent data from being intercepted or tampered with and protect data integrity.

Function Description

Certificate Application and Management on Clouds

To facilitate certificate application on the cloud and enhance user experience, SCS provides a one-stop certificate application and management service on the cloud.

Integration with Cloud Applications and Certificate Services

To help users apply certificates on the cloud, SCS integrates cloud applications and certificate services, allowing users to directly operate certificates (for example, certificate verification) on cloud applications.