Zhejiang Universe Filter Co., Ltd.
Industry: manufacturing
Website: http://www.universefilter.com/
Scope: filters, automotive accessories, motorcycle accessories, mechanical equipment, and metal products (excluding smelting)
Company Introduction

Founded in 1993, Universe Filter is one of the earliest filter manufacturers in China. After nearly 20 years of development, Universe Filter has over 800 employees and 400 million RMB in assets. It has become a competitive and influential private joint-stock enterprise in China. Since its foundation, Universe Filter has been engaged in R&D, production, and sales of filters. Universe Filter boasts a modernized factory building of 60,000 m2 with nine fully automated production lines. World-class production equipment is used in these critical processes. Their annual production capacity exceeds 50 million pieces. A standard lab center was established to provide reliable data verification for products. At present, there are over 3000 product varieties ranging across sedans, engineering mechanics, set generation, cargo automobiles, and more.


In effort to cooperate with key customers, Universe Filter has migrated a part of their production capacity onto the global market. The company needed a management strategy suitable for enterprise purchasing and cost control, while also being able to share information between supply chains and commercial partners. During its digital transformation, Universe Filter needed to cut fixed IT investment, reduce O&M personnel, accelerate project rollout, and adjust its product lines in accordance with feedback from the market.


With its newly launched SAP S/4HANA, SAP helped Universe Filter build a convenient and efficient real-time data management platform. The platform provided an informatization process for the digital transformation of the supply chains, decision-making, and analyses of massive financial data, helping Universe Filter accelerate its business transformation into the digital economy era. Collaborating with SAP, Huawei launched the Huawei SAP cloud solution. This solution uses cloud computing to build cost-effective competitive strengths, granting Universe Filter convenient access to cloud services. Universe Filter now enjoys the high availability provided by S/4HANA on the cloud, the industry's best performance with SAP cloud platform, and disaster recovery and backup from SAP services. The entire solution simplifies the service operation process while meeting Universe Filter's requirements for fast expansion, improving the company's overall competitiveness, optimizing customer experience, and providing reliable information assurance for the company's growth.

Customer Benefits

The Huawei SAP cloud solution provides benefits for Universe Filter from the following aspects:

• Service innovation: The S/4HANA service module is rapidly developed and operated on HUAWEI CLOUD, supporting information interaction with customers, optimizing the overall chain support process, integrating production cost performance, and improving product competitiveness.

• Service agility: HUAWEI CLOUD ensures the security of service data, enables rapid scaling and customization of preset enterprise applications and cloud applications, supports real-time analysis of massive service data, and provides decision-making support, adapting to the ever-changing market and services.

• Digital transformation: HUAWEI CLOUD brings opportunities for Universe Filter by fully using the digital economy to fuel their industrial transformation.

• Internet of Things (IoT): By using HUAWEI CLOUD services, Universe Filter can access interactive sensor data from remote devices, developing new products and services. In this way, Universe Filter gained an advantageous position in the quality and function iteration of automotive components.

• Resource utilization: This solution does not consume internal resources of enterprises, such as space or electricity. Enterprises can invest limited resources in the development of new products.