Beijing Infobird Software Co., Ltd.
Industry: computer and software
Core Business: call center and cloud computing applications
Company Introduction

Beijing Infobird Software Co., Ltd. was founded in 2001 and is a leading provider of customer contact management (call center) and cloud computing services in China. The company advocates the idea of "using friendly technologies to help customers improve business performance" and devotes itself to using cloud computing technologies to help enterprises, in a customer-centric manner, optimize marketing and service flows by coordinating various business resources, thereby increasing the per capita output and reshaping customer experience.


As services have grown rapidly in recent years, the company cannot keep pace with customers' requirement changes. The limitations of their traditional IT system architecture have seriously hampered service quality progress and greatly impeded the reshaping of a new customer experience in the era of mobile Internet.


HUAWEI CLOUD provides the Dedicated Cloud (DeC) product solution to solve the problems in customer service development and testing environment. This solution helps the customer flexibly allocate development and test resources, centrally manage resources, and rapidly roll out services, accelerating product development at low cost and firmly supporting operations.

Customer Voice

In the past, our company had to plan and purchase servers, network switches, server racks, and Uninterruptible Power System (UPS) required for architecture and maintenance. At present, with Huawei DeC, there is no need for us to purchase those devices. The hardware purchase period is reduced to zero. Moreover, server usage has increased multiple times. Therefore, the service deployment duration is reduced from 20 - 40 hours to just 30 minutes and the working hours and training costs have sharply decreased.