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Notice on Commercial Use of Machine Learning Service

Jun 12, 2018 GMT+08:00

Dear HUAWEI CLOUD users,

HUAWEI CLOUD will be putting Machine Learning Service (MLS) into commercial use at 00:00:00 (GMT+08:00) June 15,2018.

MLS helps you quickly find data patterns to construct prediction models through machine learning technologies and deploy these models as prediction and analysis solutions.

After MLS is put into commercial use,you can continue using the instances of the standard and pro editions you create during the OBT (before 00:00:00,June 15,2018). However,you will be charged by the duration you use those instances. For more information about the price details,see the Product Price Details page.

HUAWEI CLOUD reminds you that if you do not use MLS any more,delete MLS instances created during the OBT (before 00:00:00, June 15,2018) to avoid unnecessary expenses.

If you encounter any issues or have any suggestions,please feel free to contact us (hotline:4000-955-988).

HUAWEI CLOUD thanks you for your support.