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Create a secure, reliable, cloud-based contact center using innovative technologies like AI to power conversations between businesses and customers through all channels.

What We Offer

Support for a Variety of Contact Center Scenarios

Customer Service Center

Ensure the stability of calls

Marketing Center

Quickly grow your customer base


Enjoy HD calls at a low cost

Service Consultations

Receive consultation requests over multiple channels

Customer Reviews

Enhance customer experience

While call centers handle only incoming and outgoing voice calls, a contact center delivers not only these functions but also data-centric communications like email and instant messaging. Our fully functional platform-as-a-service (PaaS) contact center can flexibly integrate with enterprise IT systems and is built into the CRM system through open interfaces. This allows for both online and offline collaboration, as well as the creation of applications such as a customer service centers, marketing centers, and hotlines.

Why Huawei Cloud Contact Center

Deliver Superior Customer Service with Ease

  • Easy-to-Rent Resources

  • Efficient Marketing with Predictive Outbound Calling

  • Unified Access for Remote Agents

  • On-Demand Scaling of Agents

Easy-to-Rent Resources
Pain Point
For many startups, building a customer service platform involves major financial and operational burdens, such as purchasing software and hardware, applying for phone lines and numbers, preparing equipment rooms and office rooms, and assigning O&M engineers.
  • A unified platform for frustration-free upgrading
  • Pay-as-you-go services
  • All the resources you need (functions, numbers, and more)
Efficient Marketing with Predictive Outbound Calling
Pain Point
Requiring agents to manually call customers leads to significant time wasted on invalid calls.
  • Automated outbound calling with flexible rules formulated according to your needs
  • Advanced technologies such as outbound call signaling and voice detection to filter out invalid outbound calls and connect only answered calls to agents
Unified Access of Remote Agents
Pain Point
Agents in different cities have no way to communicate with each other, and management of resources from different vendors cannot be centralized.
  • Simultaneous access to one cloud-based contact center for all agents whether they are in different offices, at home, or mobile
  • A single cloud platform for unified operations, monitoring, and management, with a significantly reduced cost
On-Demand Scaling of Agents
Pain Point
An expanding business needs more and more agents to accommodate its customers, but traditional methods of deploying new agents are time-consuming, and business opportunities may be lost.
  • On-demand rental of cloud services
  • Monthly adjustment of rented agent quantity to suit your business needs

Feature-Rich, Stable, Reliable

A Broad Portfolio of Open Interfaces for Custom Integration with Your Enterprise Systems

  • Basic Services

  • Self-Services

  • Intelligent Services

Basic Services

Agent status

Agents can set their own statuses or be automatically assigned statuses, facilitating resource management.

Skill queue

Agents are grouped by skill to offer specific services when required.

Channel-associated data

When calls are transferred between IVR flows and agents, corresponding service data is also transferred.

Real-time inspection

A broad range of inspection functions are supported, such as supervision, listening, barging, interception, and recording. Call recordings can be directly managed and played back.

Call transfer

When an agent is away from their station, their calls can be transferred to another agent or agent group.


Voice navigation

When a customer calls the contact center using a voice menu, an IVR system greets the caller, makes announcements, and then guides the caller to the next step.


An IVR system can be programmed with announcements including sound effects, integers, prices, dates, and time.

Call transfer between agents and IVR flows

Customers can choose to directly connect to an agent from the IVR flow, without hanging up, redialing, or re-queuing. Customers can also be routed from agents to IVR flows.

Automatic Speech Recognition (ASR)

Customer speech can be recognized and analyzed.

Text to Speech (TTS)

TTS converts any written text into spoken words.

Intelligent Services

Intelligent voice navigation

Customers are automatically redirected to their desired service process upon saying the service name.

Intelligent outbound calling

Automated calls can be placed to inform customers about important information or collect customer feedback.

Intelligent inspection

The system automatically inspects call recordings after converting them into texts. Recordings flagged as non-compliant are submitted for manual inspection.

Intelligent chatbot service (coming soon)

An automated chatbot can answer FAQs and other simple questions from customers.

Powerful Benefits to Boost Contact Center Industry Growth

Open and Secure Multi-Channel Experiences with Efficient, Comprehensive, High-Quality Services

Bank-Level Security

Various security strategies fortify system security, including the use of a Unix OS, centralized management of user authentication data, firewalls, and database permissions setting by level.

Carrier-Grade Platform Stability

Based on Huawei's NGN core network architecture, the cloud contact center service can run 24/7 and features high throughput, powerful processing capabilities, and error-free transmission.

Reliable Network Support

Huawei has established rep offices and assigned O&M teams to provide instant on-site carrier network support in all provinces in China in case of a network error.

Various Open Interfaces

The cloud contact center service is a PaaS that delivers standard protocols and interfaces such as WebService interfaces for CTI and system monitoring. The service can be integrated into various enterprise IT systems to support both online and offline collaboration.


Standard Agent
  • Provides 45-day free trial including two agent accounts, one inspector account, and one trial number
  • All functions available for debugging before formal subscription
  • All interface functions open for integration into all enterprise systems
  • Provides the agent console for enterprises to use directly
  • Allows one account to manage multiple enterprises and no fee charged before commercial use

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