Quick Report Generation

CRS generates visualized results for data sets, enabling you to analyze resource usage and business growth trends.

Various Charts

CRS supports a variety of charts, such as bar chart, line chart, scatter plot, pie chart, and box plot, to meet different business requirements.

Low Cost

CRS is cost effective, and no upfront investments, management infrastructure, additional licenses, or maintenance fees are required.

Easy to Use

You need only four steps to create a report. This makes it easy to clearly understand business trends.

Application Scenarios

  • Business Data Analysis

  • O&M Data Analysis

Business Data Analysis

Business Data Analysis

CRS consolidates data from different platforms and visually displays key indicators like traffic, user, promotion, and activity. Enterprises can use the data to drive business growth.


  • Visual Analysis

    Charts are highly effective, and their maintenance costs are low.

  • Easy Data Analysis

    With CRS, you can analyze data without understanding SQL.

  • High Efficiency and Easy Maintenance

    Reports can be efficiently generated and easily managed.

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O&M Data Analysis

O&M Data Analysis

Resource administrators can analyze entire resources. If data graphs provided by Cloud Eye are insufficient, they can use CRS to deeper analyze data and generate diverse reports.


  • High Applicability

    There is nearly no influence on your business, and the service response is quick.

  • Business Monitoring

    Detailed O&M analysis can be performed for all servers.

  • Visualized Display

    Both resource usage and costs are visually displayed.

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Support for External Data Sources

CRS supports standard MySQL databases and encrypted data transfer using SSL.

Visualization of Big Data

Data at the TB scale can be used to quickly generate analytical reports.

Diverse Views

A variety of charts are available, such as pie chart, bar chart, line chart, box plot, area chart, and scatter plot.

Automatic Dashboard

Visuals from different worksheets can be added to one dashboard as needed.

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