Dark Enhance

With signal processing and deep learning technologies, Dark Enhance brings out more brightness and contrast in images to better highlight visual information. It processes low-resolution images taken in low light or backlight and converts such images into HD collateral.

Fees start as low as ¥0.0027 per API call for commercial services.

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Product Advantages
  • True-to-Life Effect

    Retains authentic image content, color, and details.

  • High Efficiency

    Reconstructs images containing massive volumes of pixels in seconds, and supports concurrent processing of images regardless of format and resolution.

  • Stability

    Yields excellent stability factors in delivery of cloud services (ultra-low failure rate) backed by a technical support team widely recognized as having an incredibly fast response speed.

  • Ease of Use

    Provides standard RESTful APIs to facilitate service use and reduce human resource and business costs.

Application Scenarios
  • Indoor Photography

  • Video Surveillance

  • Vehicle Mounted Systems

Indoor Photography

Indoor Photography

Improves the definition of lowlit photos shot indoors.


HD Reconstruction

Enhances image luminance while retaining color and noise.

Enhanced Image Value

Reconstructs indoor photos to highlight valuable information in the stock.

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Video Surveillance

Video Surveillance

Improves visual perception in low light.


Enhanced Monitoring

Enhances the reliability of video surveillance at night to improve user experience.

Authentic Reconstruction

Reconstructs blurred images as HD ones to ensure the authenticity of the images.

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Vehicle Mounted Systems

Vehicle Mounted Systems

Improves visual perception of people, vehicles, and objects, making vehicle mounted systems smarter and reducing traffic accidents in poor weather conditions.


Reduced Traffic Accidents

Improves visual perception in low light and backlight to reduce traffic accidents.

Safe Night Driving

Improves visual perception of people, vehicles, and objects at night to ensure safer night driving.

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  • Light Enhancement

    Enhances images taken in low light.

  • Brightness Customization

    Customizes the brightness for enhancement.

Light Enhancement

Brightness Customization

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