Defog leverages signal processing and deep learning technologies to process blurred images taken in hazy air and converts such images into HD ones.

Fees start as low as ¥0.0053 per API call for commercial services.

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Product Advantages
  • Efficient Defogging

    Retains authentic image content, color, and details.

  • Stability

    Yields excellent stability factors in delivery of cloud services (ultra-low failure rate) backed by a technical support team widely recognized as having an incredibly fast response speed.

  • Diversified Functions

    Removes uniform and non-uniform haze from images, eliminating the impact of hazy weather on image quality.

  • Easy to Use

    Delivers one-stop solutions that support RESTful APIs and SDKs for easy use and integration, reducing labor costs and IT expenditure.

Application Scenarios
  • Video Surveillance

  • Vehicle Mounted Systems

Video Surveillance

Video Surveillance

Improves visual perception in extreme weather conditions.


Reliable Monitoring

Enhances the reliability of video surveillance in extreme weather conditions to improve user experience.

Authentic Reconstruction

Reconstructs blurred images as HD ones to ensure the authenticity of the images.

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Vehicle Mounted Systems

Vehicle Mounted Systems

Improves visual perception of people, vehicles, and objects, making vehicle mounted systems smarter and reducing traffic accidents in poor weather conditions.


Reduced Traffic Accidents

Ensures the safety of vehicles traveling in hazy weather and reduces the risk of traffic accidents.


Removes uniform and non-uniform haze from images to improve travel experience.

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  • Uniform Defogging

    Removes uniform haze from images to restore details, rendering a bright and natural result.

  • Non-uniform Defogging

    Removes non-uniform haze from images to restore details, ensuring image quality.

Uniform Defogging

Non-uniform Defogging

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