Visualized Orchestration

Supports pipelines defined in a drag-and-drop manner on a clear GUI, template import and export, and multiple data sources and data processing activities.

Flexible Scheduling

Delivers diverse scheduling modes, such as periodic, event-driven, and manual and supports multiple execution policies, including precondition, timeout, and retry.

Cost Effectiveness

Supports dynamic creation and release of compute and storage resources, minimizing the DPS expenses.

Solid Reliability

Provides a unified console for obtaining pipeline status in real time and supports automatic retry and recovery of pipeline operations.

Application Scenarios

  • Constructing Complex Pipelines

  • Flexible Pipeline Scheduling

Constructing Complex Pipelines

Constructing Complex Pipelines

Pipelines that have complex service logics can be constructed. A pipeline consists of data sources and activities.


  • Multiple Data Sources and Activities

    Supports a variety of data sources, such as OBS, MRS (HDFS and HBase), and RDS, and data processing activities, such as Spark, Hive, and SparkSQL.

  • Easy to Use

    Orchestrates pipelines through GUI-based drag-and-drop.

Flexible Pipeline Scheduling

Flexible Pipeline Scheduling

A pipeline can be scheduled on an hourly, daily, or weekly basis.


  • Diverse Scheduling Modes

    Periodic, event-driven, and manual scheduling modes help meet scheduling requirements for multiple applications.

  • Ultra-high Performance

    Up to 20,000 IOPS and 350 MB/s throughput per disk.

  • Flexible Execution Policies

    Precondition, timeout, and retry execution policies facilitate execution of complex logics.


Pipeline Orchestration

Provides visualized orchestration and supports multiple data sources and processing activities.

  • Data sources including OBS, MRS (HDFS and HBase), RDS, and DWS

  • Data processing activities including Spark, Hive, SparkSQL, MapReduce, RDS SQL, DWS SQL, CDM Job, and Shell Script

  • GUI-based drag-and-drop for editing pipelines

  • Templates and configuration files for creating pipelines

Pipeline Scheduling

Provides diverse scheduling modes and execution policies.

  • Three scheduling modes: periodic, event-driven, and manual

  • Multiple execution policies including precondition, timeout, and retry

  • Automatic pipeline operation based on a specific scheduling mode and execution policy

Resource Management

Supports dynamic resource management to increase resource utilization while reducing usage costs.

  • Management of OBS and MRS

  • Periodic creation and release of resources

  • Automatic creation and release of resources based on pipelines' resource usage

System O&M

Supports full-time hosting and monitors pipeline status in real time to ensure high reliability.

  • Details about the pipeline status and statistics at each activity of pipeline execution

  • Support for user-defined alarm triggers

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