Network Access

HUAWEI CLOUD provides secure, stable, high-speed, isolated, and dedicated network transmission channels.

  • Virtual Private Cloud helps users to easily build an isolated virtual network based on HUAWEI CLOUD. Users can fully control their virtual networks and perform a series of operations, such as applying for elastic bandwidths and IP addresses, creating subnets, configuring DHCP, and configuring security groups. In addition, you can use Direct Connect or Virtual Private Networks (VPN) to connect VPCs with traditional data centers to flexibly integrate resources.
  • Direct Connect is used to build a high-speed, stable, secure, and dedicated channel between the computing environment of enterprises and the users' computing environment on HUAWEI CLOUD. Users can use Direct Connect to connect computers in local data centers to ECSs or hosted servers on HUAWEI CLOUD. This fully uses cloud computing advantages and existing facilities, building a flexible, scalable, and hybrid IT computing environment.
  • VPN establishes a secure and encrypted communication tunnel compliant with industry standards between users' data centers and users' VPC on HUAWEI CLOUD. In addition, VPN helps users seamlessly extend services in the data center to the cloud.

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