Self-Service Selected Images

Image Management Service allows users to flexibly use a public or private image to apply for an ECS. It offers comprehensive image management capabilities to users.

  • Convenient: Allows users to create a private image using an ECS or an ECS system disk backup, or create ECSs in batches using an image.
  • Secure: Stores private images using the multi-data-copy mechanism, providing eleven-nines data persistency.
  • Flexible: Allows users to customize image management using the console or open APIs.
  • Unified: Implements unified deployment and upgrades of applications using customized images to improve the maintenance efficiency. This ensures the application environment consistency and simplifies the upgrade and maintenance.

Images of various models supporting rapid deployment of OSs and software on ECSs

  • Public image: contains a standard OS image and preset public applications and is available to all users. Users can configure the application environment and required software to customize a public image.
  • Private image: is created by a user based on ECS instances or an external image file and is available to only the user. It contains an OS, preset public applications, and users' private applications. A private image frees users from repeatedly configuring ECSs during ECS creation.
  • Shared image: contains an OS, preset public applications, and users' private applications. It is a private image for a tenant and is available to its owner and shared users. The users can select this shared image to create an ECS.
  • Image market: Users can purchase various, high-quality third-party images for OSs, applications, and software in the market. Without any configuration, the images allow users to set up a website, develop applications, and manage users' system using a graphical interface with just a few clicks.
  • With the provided image management and self-service capabilities, users can flexibly use public or private images to create ECSs.

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