Features Features

  • Face Recognition Access Control

    Automatic access controls with the improved security and efficiency of facial recognition utilities. The automatic attendance recording function also saves the company lots of time.

  • Missing Objects Tracking

    Powerful video searching and object tracking technologies keep your belongings safe and secure.

  • Intrusion Prevention

    Detects intrusion events with real-time video monitoring capabilities. Any movement, audible, or breakage will immediately sound alarms and present on-screen pop-ups.

  • Smart Parking Guidance

    Smart guidance for parking and vehicle locating helps campus goers find their cars when they forget where exactly they parked.

Transformations Transformations

  • Smart Security

    Assists guards in protecting campuses with use of AI technology to pinpoint troubles and speed up response time while enhancing patrol efforts.

  • Card-less Access

    Face recognition access control and automatic attendance recording means individuals won’t have to worry about misplacing their badges and the company can more accurately keep attendance records.

  • Sense of Security

    Strong loss tracking and analysis capabilities guarantee safety of employees and owners.

Practices Practices

Campus Access Control Security Zone Monitoring Vehicle Management
Campus Access Control

Campus Access Control

Campus Access Control uses face detection and face recognition to identify visitors and return the result immediately. It improves the throughput rate and yields the conveniences of automated access control across campuses.


Precise Recognition
Robust recognition algorithm provides highly precise recognition in complex scenarios.

Ultra-low Latency
Faces recognized within seconds.

Security Zone Monitoring

Security Zone Monitoring

Ensures safety in specified protection and residential/lifestyle zones with the help of intrusion, loitering, and abandoned object detection.


Precise Detection
Robust recognition algorithm provides highly precise recognition in complex scenarios.

Real-time Analysis
Concurrent video analysis capabilities into the thousand-channel range while maintaining low latency.

Vehicle Management

Vehicle Management

Uses license plate recognition and trajectory tracking to implement vehicle entrance and exit control, line control, vehicle violation management, and parking space management.


Accurate Recognition
Robust recognition algorithm enables accurate recognition in complex scenarios.

Ultra-low Latency
Analysis result rapid return.

Solution Architectures Solution Architectures

Technical Advantages Technical Advantages

  • Multidimensional Identification

    Intelligent identification of figures, vehicles, and objects and high-performance time series storage, enabling data correlation analysis and searching in multiple dimensions.

  • Edge-Cloud Collaboration

    Edge nodes are used to lower broadband costs. The edge intelligent algorithm can be upgraded whenever you need and you pay only for what you use.

  • Precise Identification

    Using high-precision face recognition and detection services to provide secure and reliable face surveillance, trajectory tracking, and face search services.

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