Cost Effective

On-demand subscription to cloud services reduces initial investment by more than 60%, significantly lowering the threshold for building video services.

Fast TTM

E2E video cloud services with over 100 pre-integrated partners enable lightweight product launches within 30 days.

Quick Monetization

Multi-dimensional intelligent dashboards display operational data in real time. Flexible billing and templated marketing campaigns accelerate subscriber acquisition.

Excellent Experience

Zero waiting, zero artifact, and faster and smoother. Five-minute fault demarcation guarantees E2E experience.

Application Scenarios

  • IPTV

  • Mobile Video

  • Internet TV



Carriers' managed networks are used to provide interactive services such as digital TV, VOD, and linear TV viewed through an STB on the household TV.


  • Diverse Video Services

    A variety of HD video services including linear TV, VOD, NVOD, Catch-up TV, and TSTV are provided.

  • Intelligent Devices

    Voice control and Dolby Vision HDR bring extraordinary home TV experience.

  • Caring

    Personalized recommendations and playlists are provided for users.

Mobile Video

Mobile Video

Mobile networks and mobile devices are used to provide video content so that users can experience high-quality audio and video services though mobile, pad, Smart TV and other kinds of devices


  • Social Media Experience

    Users can share content, post video comments, transfer media from one device to another device, and bind their fixed and mobile accounts for a unified experience.

  • Extra Large Capacity

    Large capacity enables tens of millions of concurrent users, hundreds of millions of total users, storage of over 100 million content items, and access 10,000 users per second in peak hours.

  • Diverse Video Services

    Diverse services like linear TV, VOD, TSTV, interactive TV, short-form video, and software remote control improve user loyalty.

Internet TV

Internet TV

Users can use PCs, tablets, and OTT STBs to access the Internet and consume linear TV and VOD services as well as Internet applications.


  • Video Playback in Seconds

    First playback startup within 1 second and fast-forward and rewind within 0.5 seconds improve user satisfaction.

  • Multiple Screens

    Convergence of PCs, tablets, OTT STBs, and smartphones builds a comprehensive ecosystem.

  • Rapid Service Rollout

    Local and global content ingestion and adaptation to multiple screens improve service rollout speeds.


Global Deployment

Regional centers are established in Hong Kong, Latin America, Europe, and other regions to support global video services.

HD Basic Services

Basic video services such as linear TV, VOD, Network/Local TSTV, PIP, Multiview, and Catch-up TV can be presented in HD.

Immersive Experience

4K linear TV, VOD, Network TSTV, and Catch-up TV services are supported.

Consistent Experience

Personalized information can be synchronized in real time when users log in to different devices, achieving a consistent experience across all screens.

Zero Waiting

Channel change within 0.5 seconds and VOD startup within 1 second improve user experience. Poster acceleration increases the access speed and hit rate.

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