Human Analysis Service

Human Analysis Service (HAS) analyzes store traffic and the shopping habits of individuals. It applies to scenarios such as customer analysis, VIP customer identification, and hot zone analysis.

Product Advantages
  • Precise Recognition

    Identifies the personal attributes of consumers, such as attire, gender, age, and other information, to help your business market with high precision.

  • Stable and Reliable

    Yields real-time analysis on video at large scale.

  • Secure and Efficient

    Gives you with a reliable, secure, flexible, and efficient application environment. You only need to pay for the resources you use.

  • Easy to Use

    Offers easy-to-use APIs and the complete set of documentation to guide your setup and continued use of the service with on-screen helps and clear instructions.

Application Scenarios
  • Store Traffic Analysis

  • Precise Customer Service

  • Hot Zone Analysis

Store Traffic Analysis

Store Traffic Analysis

Collects the number of people passing by and analyzes the distribution of consumer traffic and passerby information based on the attributes of the individual (such as the dress, age, and gender). The analysis results can be used for decision-making in resource placement and brand positioning analysis.


Intelligent Analysis

Leverages facial recognition and analyzes passerby flow to help improve store draw. Analyzes the traffic, customer attributes, and more.

Real-Time Analysis

Delivers real-time analysis on video at scale with low latency to provide actionable insights for marketing strategies.


Fast update of functions, pay per use, and reuse of camera devices

Precise Customer Service

Precise Customer Service

Uses facial recognition technology to quickly identify whether a customer is a VIP customer. Based on customer attribute analysis, provide targeted recommendations to align with historical tendencies. Analyzes customer satisfaction based on emotional expression/body language and whether they are carrying packages when they enter and exit the store.


Real-Time Analysis

Adopts low-latency detection algorithms to analyze video feeds in real time and works with the business system to provide notification upon entrance of VIP customers.

High Efficiency

Intelligently and quickly analyzes customer attributes to help reception and sales personnel make highly targeted recommendations.

Easy Deployment

Can be installed and deployed on various devices, such as Windows PCs, mobile terminals, and servers.

Hot Zone Analysis

Hot Zone Analysis

Collects the number of customers in a zone and provides suggestions on product placements to merchants. Based on how long VIP customers hang around top-selling products, summarizes VIP customer consumption habits to offer precise recommendations.


Customer Tracing

Records VIP customer consumption habits based on facial, in-store hot zone, and customer path analysis.

Real-Time Personalized Promotion

Conducts in-store hot zone analysis to facilitate product layout design with statistical basis for product popularity.


  • Human Attribute Recognition

    Identifies the age, gender, and dress of each person in a specific area.

  • Customer Flow Analysis

    Analyzes customer flow over different time segments.

  • Hot Zone Analysis

    Analyzes the distribution of hot zones and provides customer flow heat maps.

Human Attribute Recognition

Customer Flow Analysis

Hot Zone Analysis

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