Huawei HiLens

Huawei HiLens is a one-stop platform for the development, distribution, deployment, and management of AI applications. It provides extensive device-cloud synergy capabilities such as large-scale device management, dynamic application deployment, online training, and device model optimization.

Huawei HiLens

Huawei HiLens

Huawei HiLens is an AI-enabled platform providing device-cloud synergy capabilities for common users, AI application developers, and software and hardware vendors. It consists of AI inference cameras and a cloud development platform, placing skill development, device deployment and management, data management, and skill market all on one portal, so that users can easily develop AI skills and push them to computing devices.


Device-Cloud Synergy

Devices work with cloud-based algorithm models to quickly improve computing precision. In the device-cloud synergy mode, the volume of data that needs to be stored on the cloud is reduced, benefiting customers with lower storage costs.

One Stop

Unified skill development framework, encapsulation of basic components, easy-to-use skill development and verification platform.

Added Convenience

Automatic device adaptation, one-click deployment, and powerful cloud data management of HiLens mean that personnel do not need to concern themselves with the details about devices at the underlying layer.

Extensive AI Skills

The skill market presets extensive sets of AI skills, such as human figure recognition and vehicle detection. Developers can also share customized skills to the market.

HiLens Kit, Deep Learning and Inference Camera

AI Camera Supporting Deep Learning and Inference

Ascend 310 chips help yield the needed levels of inference performance. Built-in HiLens Skill Framework enables fast deployment of multiple AI skills. Extensive APIs are provided for developers to perform AI development and commissioning.


AI chip: Ascend 310 (8GB RAM)

CPU: Hi3559A (4GB)

Micro SD: 1

Camera: 1080P, 2.0-megapixel

Microphone: 2

Network port: 1

USB: 2


Audio out: 1

OS: Linux

Wi-Fi: Supported

Skill Application Scenarios
  • AI Application Development

  • Campus Monitoring

  • Smart Home

  • IoV

  • Shopping Malls and Supermarkets

AI Application Development

AI Application Development

AI developers can develop applications based on the Skill Framework on the cloud, and deploy and debug AI skills on HiLens to observe their effects in real time.


Quick Development

The Skill Framework encapsulates basic development components and provides easy-to-use APIs to increase efficiency.

Convenient Deployment:

One-click deployment of AI skills to devices and full lifecycle management.

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Campus Monitoring

Campus Monitoring

AI edge stations that integrate Ascend chips support 16-channel video analysis, perfect for campus-wide monitoring and a long list of other applications. The stations are small and can be deployed outdoors without the need for equipment rooms, facilitating management and analysis of large amounts of video data.

Recommended Skill Scenarios

Vehicle detection, license plate recognition, facial recognition, intrusion detection, safety helmet detection, and trace tracking


Facial recognition gate, vehicle road gate, security surveillance, and plenty of other scenarios.

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Smart Home

Smart Home

Smart home cameras that integrate Huawei HiSilicon 35XX series chips improve video analysis capabilities, perfect for household product manufacturers.

Recommended Skill Scenarios

Facial recognition, crying detection, human figure recognition, intrusion detection, keyword wakeup, and facial attribute recognition


Intrusion detection, time album, child security monitoring, identification of elderly falling events, and a long list of other applications

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Smart In-Vehicle Devices

HiLens uses smart in-vehicle devices to analyze the internal and external conditions of a vehicle in real time.

Recommended Algorithms

Fatigue detection, posture analysis (such as telephone calling and smoking), human figure recognition, facial recognition, vehicle detection, and others


Monitoring of shuttle buses, touring buses, and vehicles carrying dangerous cargo, dangerous driving behavior detection, pedestrian detection in dead zones, and so on.

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Shopping Malls and Supermarkets

Smart Shopping Malls and Supermarkets

Small shopping malls and supermarkets can integrate HiLens inference cameras to support 4- or 5-channel video analysis layouts. The cameras are small and can be placed indoors.

Recommended Algorithms

Facial recognition, crowd counting, personnel attribute analysis, and other algorithms


VIP customer identification, personnel attribute analysis, customer traffic statistics, customer traffic heat map, statistics of old and new customers, length of time customers spend in the store, and other statistics.

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  • AI Skill Development

    Encapsulates basic components to simplify AI skill development.

  • Extensive Preset AI Skills

    Rich AI skills are preset in the cloud skill market and can be deployed to devices with one click after subscription.

AI Skill Development

  • Unified Skill Development Framework

    Encapsulates basic components to simplify the development process, provides unified APIs, and supports multiple development frameworks (such as Caffe and TensorFlow).

  • One-Stop Services

    Provides one-stop model training, development, deployment, and management, and seamlessly interconnects with user devices. Models developed offline and trained on ModelArts can also be imported.

  • Developer Community

    Allows you to release your newly customized skills to the skill market and deploy them to devices, or share these skills as development templates for other developers to create skills.

Extensive Preset AI Skills

  • Unified Skill Development Framework

    The device-side skill market presets extensive AI skills, such as human figure detection and facial recognition.

  • Pay-Per-Use

    Allows you to select and subscribe to required skills and deploy the skills on devices with one click.

  • New Skill Release

    Allows you to release newly developed skills to the skill market so that users can install them after they are reviewed.

  • Skill Portability

    Skills developed on the HiLens platform can run on any device based on Huawei HiSilicon chips.

  • Device Management

    Devices and their AI skills are managed on the cloud.

Skill Portability

AI skills can be delivered to HiLens deep learning and inference cameras or products integrating Huawei chips, enabling computing devices to quickly obtain AI capabilities.

Device Management

  • Allows you to manage registered devices on the device management page of HiLens, including setting device attributes and deregistering devices.

  • Supports automatic model adaptation and algorithm optimization for device chips.

  • Manages device model skills in batches and allows you to view, deploy, modify, and update device model skills.

  • Enables you to view the running times and memory usage of the skills installed on each device.

  • Cloud Data Management

    You can conveniently view and manage data such as video streams on devices.

Cloud Data Management

  • Allows you to view the original video and the output video processed by AI skills, including instant video streams and historical video streams.

  • Large-capacity cloud storage and full lifecycle data management

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