Huawei HiLens
Multimodal AI Application Development Platform with Device-Cloud Synergy

Developer Zone

  • Development Architecture

  • HiLens Framework

  • Development Ecosystem

Development Architecture

Model Management

You can directly import models trained in ModelArts or use models developed offline. Model conversion is also supported.

Easy to Use

Huawei HiLens delivers one-stop skill development, deployment, release, and management, and seamlessly interconnects with your devices.

Modular Development

The HiLens Framework encapsulates basic components, provides unified APIs, and supports multiple development frameworks, simplifying the development process.

One-Click Release and Deployment

After you develop a skill, you can make it available on the skill market or deploy it on devices.

HiLens Framework

Easy-to-Use Development Components

The HiLens Framework encapsulates basic components of video analysis algorithms for image processing, inference, logging, video cloud streaming, and EI service interconnection. Developers can develop skills with minimal coding.

Chip-Based Performance Optimization

Time-consuming compute units in AI algorithms are optimized based on the HiSilicon chip architecture to achieve higher computing performance. 

Skills Portability

Skills developed on the HiLens platform run on any Ascend 310 devices, including HiLens Kit cameras and AI edge stations.

Python and C++ Interfaces

Developers can use interfaces in different languages to adapt to different scenarios.

Development Ecosystem

Online Model Conversion

Models in formats like Caffe can be converted into OM models supported by Ascend 310 chips. This enables developers to quickly develop AI skills oriented to HiLens Kit cameras by importing models trained in ModelArts or offline models.

HiLens Framework Integrated into HiLens Kit

The HiLens Framework encapsulates basic components of video analysis algorithms and is optimized based on the HiSilicon chip architecture. It provides various APIs for developers to accelerate skill development.

ROS Support

HiLens Kit cameras can drive hardware devices such as the Arduino board, MS Kinect, RPLidar, and Web camera.

Sound AI Developer Ecosystem

The HiLens platform provides a skill market, enabling developers to release developed skills that run on HiSilicon 35xx series and Ascend 310 series chips. Other developers can buy these skills in the skill market.

Application Scenarios

  • Campus

  • Home

  • Shopping Mall and Supermarket



HiLens Kit cameras and AI edge stations integrated with Ascend chips are perfect for campus-wide monitoring. HiLens Kit cameras are ideal for in-door monitoring, whereas AI edge stations can be deployed outdoors and do not require equipment rooms. Both devices are compact and manage up to 16 video channels, facilitating analysis of large amounts of video data.

Related Services

Recommended Skills
Facial Recognition | License Plate Recognition | Safety Helmet Detection
  • Hardware
    HiLens Kit | AI Edge Station
  • Quantity



With device-cloud algorithm synergy, smart home cameras that integrate Huawei HiSilicon 35xx series chips significantly improve home video analysis capabilities and are ideal for home monitoring and household product manufacturers.

Related Services

Recommended Skills
Human Figure and Facial Recognition | Baby Cry Sound Detection | Gesture Recognition
  • Hardware
    Hardware with HiSilicon 35xx Series Chips

If you buy related services, you can get free trials for certain services in the skill market.

Shopping Mall and Supermarket

Shopping Mall and Supermarket

HiLens Kit cameras can be integrated to support 6- or 8-channel video analysis layouts in complex scenarios. The cameras can use multiple skills simultaneously. They feature a small-form factor and can be placed indoors.

Related Services

Recommended Skills
VIP Identification | Customer Traffic Statistics | Facial Attribute Recognition
  • Hardware
    HiLens Kit
  • Quantity

If you buy related services, you can get free trials for certain services in the skill market.

Skill Market
Huawei HiLens skill market provides many AI skills for different scenarios. You can install any of them with just a click.
For more skills, check out the skill market.


Shopping Mall and Supermarket

Construction Site

Product Details
A multimodal AI development suite that features device-cloud synergy and supports analysis and inference computing for data, including images, videos, and speech. It can be widely used in intelligent surveillance, smart home, robot, drone, smart industry, and smart store scenarios.
AI Chip: Ascend 310 (8 GB RAM) | Camera: 2-megapixel, 720p | USB: 2 | HDMI: 1 | Wi-Fi | CPU: Hi3559A (4 GB) | Microphone: 2 | Audio out: 1 | Micro SD: 1 | Network port: 1 | Linux OS


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