Image Clarity Detect

Image Clarity Detect uses the DNN models to detect whether the uploaded enterprise form image is clear or blurred. It can be integrated into business systems requiring image upload.

Fees start as low as ¥0.0053 per API call for commercial services.

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Product Advantages
  • Accurate Detection

    Leverages the DNN models to detect and score image clarity.

  • Customizable Recognition

    Supports customizable scenario recognition for more refined recognition results.

  • Proven Stability

    Proven stability demonstrated by years of experience in handling complex enterprise scenarios.

  • Ease of Use

    Delivers one-stop solutions that support RESTful APIs and SDKs for easy use and integration, requiring less manpower and IT expenditure.

Application Scenarios
  • Enterprise Form Verification

Enterprise Form Verification

Enterprise Form Verification

Evaluates the clarity of the data form images uploaded by enterprise users, preventing unnecessary duplicate uploads.


Accurate Detection

Accurately detects and scores image clarity.

Improved Efficiency

Automatically detects blurred data form images, reducing manual review and improving work efficiency.

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  • Clarity Detection

    Checks whether images uploaded by users are clear or blurred.

  • Clarity Scoring

    Scores the clarity of images uploaded by users.

Clarity Detection

Clarity Scoring

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