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Smart Tracking

Produced and purchased in various forms, trackers are ideal for providing location and health information. NB-IoT chip-embedded trackers transfer information to management platforms even when the tracker is located in a weak cellular coverage area. NB-IoT trackers' batteries also last longer than those of GPRS trackers, owing to NB-IoT chips' lower energy consumption.

Huawei's OceanConnect IoT Platform is equipped to coordinate with NB-IoT networks in providing real-time command delivery, offline command delivery management, periodic and secure data reporting, and remote batch upgrades of devices. At the same time, the platform uses only half the power consumed by traditional solutions, and extends the lifecycle of devices.


Founded in 2008 and a member of the GTI and CMCC 5G Innovation Center, Oviphone has been making wearable devices and trackers for more than five years. An innovator in the field of IoT wearables, Oviphone created the world's first NB-IoT tracker.

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