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Smart Agriculture

The cow estrus monitoring system uses devices affixed to cows' necks to collect and send information to the cloud platform, which then processes the data to help farmers effectively plan bovine insemination to improve milk yields; currently, estrus notification accuracy stands above 95%.

The system provides basic information management to the modern livestock industry, including farm management, cow management, real-time estrus monitoring, and cow positioning and tracking, all of which help farmers improve farm management efficiency.

Using NB-IoT networks, farmers no longer need to deploy and maintain communication networks by themselves, and the greater energy efficiency of NB-IoT chips enables cow monitoring devices to work more than five years at a time with a battery of 5400 mAh only.

Yinchuan Aotoso Information Technology

Yinchuan Aotoso Information Technology Co., Ltd. is a high-tech enterprise specializing in research and development of intelligent identification and sensing technologies and their integration with the IoT, and Internet Plus. It was listed on China's National SME Share Transfer System in 2014 (Aotoso Share; stock code: 830860).

Intelligent identification and sensing technology is used widely in smart city programs and smart agriculture, particularly in precision-breeding. Aotoso has successfully developed competitive solutions for big data collection and analysis to facilitate improvements in the animal husbandry industry in China and worldwide. The company also provides security, traffic management, school bus management, public parking, immigration, and correctional facility solutions for smart cities.

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