Private Number

Private Number provides virtualized numbers capable of delivering anonymity. By using this service, customers can hide real phone numbers and use anonymous phone numbers to call and text.

Product Advantages
  • Secure

    The three-layer security mechanism protects real phone numbers. Carrier-class networks prevent call interference and protect the content of user communications.

  • Convenient

    Localized anonymous phone numbers in 200+ cities meet enterprise requirements. Enterprises can communicate at will without performing complex configurations.

  • Stable

    Carrier-class architecture, geographic redundancy, and unique audio technology ensure service continuity along with high-quality voice services.

  • Easy to Use

    The API design is clear and concise. Users can use anonymous phone numbers without changing SIM cards.

Application Scenarios
  • Agent Number Registration

  • Business Number

  • E-hailing

Agent Number Registration

Agent Number Registration

Users are provided with anonymous phone numbers on agent service platforms. After relevant transactions are complete, users can disable anonymous phone numbers to prevent harassment.



Avoids harassment and third-party data collection.

Easy to Use

Obtains anonymous phone numbers with a few clicks.

Secure and Reliable

Enjoys high-quality services on a carrier-class platform.

Business Number

Business Number

Anonymous phone numbers can be used as business numbers, maintaining communications with customers without missing any information. Users can disable anonymous phone numbers when off the clock.


No Customer Resource Loss

Reclaims anonymous phone numbers to retain customer information.

No Important Calls Missed

Avoids missing important calls.

No Enterprise Number Change

Uses unchanged anonymous phone numbers regardless of employee resignation.



Drivers call passengers through e-hailing platforms. After calls are connected, anonymous phone numbers are presented to both parties, protecting user privacy.



Hides both parties' numbers during the transaction.


Connects calls in real time.

Easy to Use

Makes call in a one-click manner.


  • AX Mode

    Anonymous phone number X is used by user A to communicate with others.

  • X Mode

    Call channel capabilities are provided for anonymous phone number X; real numbers are stored on third-party platforms.

  • AXB Mode

    Users A and B call each other using the same anonymous phone number X with their real numbers hidden.

AX Mode

X Mode

AXB Mode

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