MySQL is a prevailing open-source relational database in the world. It provides multi-user and multi-thread SQL database servers and can run on major operating system platforms.

High Availability

RDS supports high availability within an availability zone (AZ) or crossing AZs. You can promote a cross-region read replica to the primary DB instance.

Security Protection

RDS uses VPCs, subnets, security groups, SSL connections, and audit logs to ensure data security.

Backup & Restoration

Automated backups can be stored for up to 35 days and can be used for point-in-time restores (PITR) of your database. You can also create manual snapshots for disaster recovery.

Easy to Scale

You can create a maximum of 5 read replicas to offload read traffic from the primary DB instance. You can also change the CPU/memory or scale up storage space with just a few clicks.

Data Migration

RDS supports data migration, bringing services to the cloud easily.

High Performance

RDS works with MySQL 5.6-optimization and MySQL 5.7 to provide high performance for database users, resolving the replication latency problem.

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