CloudRelease is a cloud service that provides developers with software release and management functions, such as software repository access, software release and release package downloads, and release package metadata management. Secure, reliable software repositories allow developers to manage software packages, enhance software release quality and efficiency, and continuously release products.

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Pain points


Easy to Use


Initialize release, snapshot, third-party, and private repositories with one click. Clearly displayed software version lines. Efficient search functions to locate the required packages.

Customer Challenge:

Errors occur in managing local software versions.

Rock-Solid Reliability


Resource isolation, network isolation, and remote disaster recovery backup increase reliability. Secure encryption and DDoS attack prevention improve security.

Customer Challenge:

A self-created repository or file server can lose or overlap software packages.

Quick Sharing


Third-party and private repositories enable developers to share compilation dependency packages. Snapshot and release repositories enable developers to share component resources.

Customer Challenge:

Dependency packages are unavailable in compiling and building, and component resources sharing is delayed.

Fast Download


The fast download channel solves this problem.

Customer Challenge:

Remote transmission of software packages is slow.



  • HA cluster deployment: Cluster deployment uses service-oriented architecture to provide high availability, automatic scaling, and automatic fault recovery.
  • Security control and role authentication: Manage role-based permissions and use strict measures in security protection and disaster recovery to ensure release security.

Application Scenarios

Automatic Download of Dependency Packages


Developers use a reliable central Maven repository to download dependency packages during development processes.

Automatic Archiving of Compile and Build Packages


Use standardized software package releases and software release management repositories for better archival.

Product Package Distribution and Deployment


Standardized release package URLs enable fast component package sharing for multi-project collaboration development. Unique release channels make the deployment and application of product packages more convenient.

Function Description

Release History Tracking

Clearly displays software package release history and supports release information quick searches.

Repository Initialization

Manage compile dependency packages, component software packages, development dependency, and deliverables with an online Maven repository.

Software Release

Archive product compile and build dependency packages to the private repository, integrate component software packages in the snapshot repository, and furnish official release packages to the release repository.

Software Download

Continuous integration and deployment services automatically download compile and build dependency packages from private or third-party repositories, as well as component packages from snapshot or release repositories, for deployment.

Software Viewing

View software package information remotely with a Restful API, user-friendly GUI, and software package metadata.

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