Resource Template Service

Resources Template Service (RTS) provides a simple method for automatically deploying and managing cloud computing resources. It allows you to use templates to describe multiple cloud resources as well as create and configure them in batches, simplifying O&M.

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Product Advantages
  • Automatic Orchestration

    RTS uses templates to automatically orchestrate cloud resources, making it easier to create cloud resources, manage their lifecycles, and automate deployment and configuration.

  • Wide Product Support

    RTS supports core products, such as ECS, EVS, VPC, and ELB, on HUAWEI CLOUD.

  • Free Example Templates

    RTS provides examples of basic templates and combined templates for free. These templates help users develop their templates easily and quickly.

  • Compatible with Heat

    RTS is fully compatible with OpenStack Heat templates, allowing users to use OpenStack templates without making any modifications.

Application Scenarios
  • Creating ECSs in Batches

  • Building and Maintaining Networks

Creating ECSs in Batches

Creating ECSs in Batches

RTS allows enterprises to create ECSs in batches to simplify preconfiguration and updates so that the development and testing environment can be dynamically deployed.


Quick Provisioning

A template can be repeatedly replicated to automatically create ECSs with the same configurations.

Dynamic Adjustment

To meet service development needs, the ECS configuration can be adjusted by updating the template.

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Building and Maintaining Networks

Building and Maintaining Networks

Enterprises can use templates to design, build, and maintain their networks, painlessly and accurately replicating network templates for development and testing environments.


Easy to Use

Planning and designing an enterprise's network is simply a matter of compiling templates, making it easier to organize and manage network resources.

Quick Replication

A template can be repeatedly replicated to build the same network environment.

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  • Stack Management

    Single templates and nested templates are available for stack creation and management.

  • Multiple Templates

    Multiple templates can be uploaded using .zip files, and nested templates of up to five layers are supported.

Stack Management

Multiple Templates

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