Customers' information is absolutely secure with us. We also require the security authority to sign a non-disclosure agreement.


The security authority conducts security checks. Huawei experts review check reports.


Carefully selected check items cover 10+ security risks. Professional solutions are provided for discovered risks.

Ease of Use

SAS is a one-stop expert service featuring one-click order placement and end-to-end tracing.

Application Scenarios

  • Pre-rollout Inspection

  • Post-event Hardening

  • Solution Tailoring

Pre-rollout Inspection

Pre-rollout Inspection

New sites are vulnerable to attacks and risks such as web page tampering, data leakage, and service suspension. A thorough inspection helps spot those risks.


  • Early Warning

    Problems can be discovered before they cause losses.

  • Timely Fixing

    Suggestions are provided for you to eliminate potential risks.

  • System Hardening

    Overall protection suggestions are given for you to harden your systems.

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Post-event Hardening

Post-event Hardening

Customers don't have many options for security emergencies. Mostly, they reinstall their systems, after which they are still attacked because vulnerabilities remain there on other servers.


  • Loss Prevention

    Affected hosts are inspected first to prevent further loss.

  • Risk Elimination

    Suggestions are specific to each and every risk discovered.

  • Defense in Depth

    Unaffected hosts are also fully inspected to detect and remove risks.

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Solution Tailoring

Solution Tailoring

Due to the variety of vulnerabilities, systems are intruded even after they are hardened. While security products and services are abundant, they are very expensive and the return on investment is low.


  • Result-based

    Security solutions are tailored based on inspection results.

  • Prevention Emphasized

    SAS attaches great importance to prevention, by virtue of which many security issues can be avoided.

  • Cost-Saving

    SAS saves cost in many ways so that you can spend your budget on the most important protection measures.

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SAS provides one-on-one consulting with experts who give clear inspection advice.


SAS covers 10+ check items, such as scanning of common ports, identification of opened services, and detection of SQL injections, XSS, and weak passwords.

Inspection Report Review

Huawei experts review the inspection reports submitted by the security authority. This encourages the authority to improve its service.

Vulnerability Fixing Suggestions

SAS provides precise vulnerability information and fixing suggestions. In addition, it can tailor security solutions to help customers fortify security defense.

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