Tag Management Service

Tag Management Service (TMS) is a visualized service for fast and unified cross-region tagging and categorization of cloud services.

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Product Advantages
  • Convenient

    Adding tags to leased resources for simple and fast search execution facilitates management efforts.

  • Easy

    Custom accounting post association with billing system, with automatic tagging of important financial items.

  • Efficient

    Creating and planning predefined tags helps to improve efficiencies in resource management.

  • Global

    Manage all services, regardless of region, in a fast and unified manner.

Application Scenarios
  • Resource Management

Resource Management

Resource Management

TMS supports cross-region resource search for all services, and provides a visualized interface to manage tags in batches.


Global Management

Resource search using tags unrestricted by service types

Flexible Search

Quick resource search with combined tags

Efficient Management

Batch tag operations for multiple resources

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  • Tag-supplemented Resource Search

    Cross-service resource searches with combined tags

  • Resource Tag Management

    Visualized interface and batch operations to manage resource tags

Tag-supplemented Resource Search

Resource Tag Management

  • Predefined Tag Management

    Pre-resource association tag creation for improved efficiency in planning and management of predefined tags

  • Tag Import and Export

    Efficient resource data migration through convenient import and export

Predefined Tag Management

Tag Import and Export

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