Video Content Comprehension

Video Content Comprehension (VCC) performs intelligent video analysis and delivers video cover selection, video topics segmentation, video synopsis, and more capabilities.

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Product Advantages
  • Simple and Reliable

    VCC adopts easy-to-use APIs so you do not have to mess around with the complexities in interoperability.

  • Diversified Services

    VCC offers a large variety of video understanding services so you can get what you need to fulfill your business requirements.

  • Accurate Understanding

    VCC performs video analysis based on information from multiple dimensions to help you accurately understand the video content.

  • Stable and Efficient

    VCC can work with videos in multiple formats and returns video analysis results in a short turnaround time.

Application Scenarios
  • Video Synopsis

  • Video Topics Segmentation

Video Synopsis

Video Synopsis

Extracts video clips to make a synopsis based on content relevancy and the best resolution frames.


Ease of Use

With use of APIs, you can get exactly what you want from your synopsis after importing the desired videos.

Precise Extraction of Key Frames

VCC allows you to accurately extract key frames based on video content understanding and structure analysis.

Stable and Efficient

Precise segmentation allows you to obtain the key frames you need with impressive efficiency.

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Video Topics Segmentation

Video Topics Segmentation

Analyzes the characters, scenarios, voices, and text in a piece of news and segments the news into multiple pieces to suit the different themes.


Ease of Use

With use of APIs, you can get exactly what you want from your segmentation after importing the desired videos.

Precise Segmentation

VCC is highly precise in the segmentation processes because it is powered in part on a Deep Convolutional Neural Network (DCNN) able to ingest, analyze, and segment massive volumes of video data in very short windows.

Support for Multiple Video Formats

VCC can work with multiple formats.

Secure and Reliable

VCC gives you a secure and reliable environment to ensure stable running of your applications.

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