Video Guard Service

Video Guard Service (VGS) adopts multidimensional video analysis algorithms to deliver multi-object detection, tracking, attribute and behavior recognition, and other capabilities on numerous people, vehicles, and objects. It can accurately and efficiently output structured data of videos in diversified scenarios. Powered by the big data analysis and retrieval platform, VGS helps you enable stable and convenient video security management.

Product Advantages
  • Precise Recognition

    Uses high-precision facial recognition and detection utilities to improve surveillance, tracking, and search efforts.

  • High Reliability

    Enough processing power to achieve real-time analysis on video at scale.

  • Scenario Adaptability

    Impressive portability with a vast range of monitoring and management scenarios greatly improves production efficiency and campus experience.

  • Ease of Use

    Facilitates service integration with easy-to-use APIs; provides a complete set of directly accessible documentation to guide your set up and continued use.

Application Scenarios
  • Monitoring Management

  • Campus Pedestrian Analysis

  • Real-Time Traffic Condition Analysis

Monitoring Management

Monitoring Management

Analyzes all videos in shopping malls, campuses, and other venues in real time to extract key events and improve efforts in cashier compliance, intrusion and theft detection, and loitering prevention. Intelligence utilities also help detect abandoned objects in high-security zones and deliver improved capabilities in loss prevention.


Personalized Configuration

Uses module-based detection services to perform personalized analysis on camera feeds from locations throughout the field of monitoring.

Real-Time Analysis

Provides real-time video analysis capabilities with high concurrency and low latency, ensuring rapid response and timely de-escalation.


Supports edge access and processing, greatly reducing service access costs.

Campus Pedestrian Analysis

Campus Pedestrian Analysis

Analyzes on-campus pedestrian behavior in real time. Identifies and tracks risk-sensitive personnel or those already on blacklists. Collects statistics on pedestrian traffic at key intersections to facilitate management policy formulation.


High Precision

Robust algorithms able to dissect video feeds in the complexity and diversity of the campus environment.

High Timeliness

Analyzes thousands of video feeds throughout the campus in real time so security personnel can respond with accelerated timeliness.


Supports edge access and processing, greatly reducing service access costs.

Real-Time Traffic Condition Analysis

Real-Time Traffic Condition Analysis

Monitors traffic in real time, dynamically reflects the level of congestion of each lane, and identifies vehicle attributes. Supports dynamic detection, overflow detection, and other functions with the event detection mechanism.


Plug-n-Play Readiness

Automatically identifies lane information without requiring manual inputs, freeing personnel for other tasks.

High Concurrency

Supports real-time analysis of thousands of video feeds.


  • Dynamic Portrait

    Automatically extracts facial images from videos, and performs feature vector search on images to track pedestrians.

  • Face Tagging

    Automatically extracts faces from videos and outputs duplicate facial tags (such as VIP customers) using the data mining algorithm.

  • Pedestrian Traffic Statistics

    Analyzes video streams to collect statistics on pedestrian traffic. Supports functions such as line-through pedestrian traffic, pedestrian count in an area, queue length, and heat map.

Dynamic Portrait

Face Tagging

Pedestrian Traffic Statistics

  • Tailored Detection

    Identifies security events, including abandoned objects, intrusions, and cashier non-compliance, in specified zones to ensure high precision and low false alarm rates.

  • Vehicle Recognition

    Identifies vehicle models and license plate information, and tracks vehicles. Supports more than 200 vehicle types and over 2000 models.

  • Traffic Flow Detection

    Supports real-time calculation of traffic, queue length, and space usage in traffic videos.

Tailored Detection

Vehicle Recognition

Traffic Flow Detection

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