Intelligent Scan

Dynamically adjusts scan frequency to prevent website interruption due to scanning traffic surges; prevents dirty data from being written into databases.

Wide Coverage

Supports real-time update of 10,000+ types of vulnerability information in the rule library; scans urgent vulnerabilities, ports, and weak passwords.

High Efficiency

Supports quick scan through multi-engine collaboration, leverages fingerprint identification, and accurately adopts scan rules, meaning higher scan efficiency.

Ease of Use

Adopts simple settings, requires no component installation, has zero maintenance costs, and supports one-click enabling and SM notification upon completion of a scan job.

Application Scenarios

  • Scan for Common Threats

  • Enterprise Intranet Scan

  • APIs

Scan for Common Threats

Scan for Common Threats

Vulnerabilities of websites and servers are likely to be exploited by hackers, which can cause crippling impact and capital loss if not responded to quickly.


  • Scan for Common Threats

    Completely scans vulnerabilities of servers or websites and detects weak passwords and high-risk ports.

  • Professional Scan Reports

    Provides detailed and specific suggestions for each vulnerability in scan reports.

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Enterprise Intranet Scan

Enterprise Intranet Scan (Coming Soon)

When services are not opened to the public, vulnerability detection cannot be performed for servers or websites on the public network.


  • In-Depth Scan

    Connects to servers for fingerprint identification and multi-dimension detection after verification.

  • Multi-Proxy Support

    Allows access to servers where services are running using common proxies, such as VPN and bastion hosts, perfect for needs in enterprise networks.

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APIs (Coming Soon)

Frequent website development iteration renders long manual security tests, hindering service provisioning.


  • Provision of APIs

    Supports scan job creation using APIs, seamlessly embeds service processes, and invokes APIs to trigger security scan at any moment.

  • Interconnection with Mainstream Languages

    Provides abundant APIs that comply with REST API standards, facilitating development in various environments.

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Threat Scan

Scans common vulnerabilities, high-risk ports, and weak passwords for servers and websites.

  • Wide vulnerability coverage

    Scans OWASP and WASC vulnerabilities, including data leakage, backdoor implantation on websites, and website source code leakage.

  • Detection of high-risk ports & weak passwords

    Checks whether common or specified ports are open, improving website server security. With the powerful weak password library, VSS detects weak passwords in advance.

Fixing Suggestions

Classifies detected vulnerabilities and provides detailed fixing suggestions in specialist scan reports.

  • Professional scan reports

    Specialist scan reports provide detailed information (including URLs, vulnerability names, and description) that can be downloaded to your local PC.

  • Fast re-scan of vulnerabilities

    With just a single click, you can quickly re-scan detected vulnerabilities in a single click to check whether they have been removed.

  • Vulnerability classification

    Classifies vulnerabilities by severity and provides fixing suggestions for each type.

Scan Customization

Allows you to customize scan rules, readily available for service requirements; supports scheduled scans.

  • Advanced scan settings

    Allows you to customize configurations, such as scan strength, crawler scan settings, and HTTP request parameters based on your needs.

  • Scheduled scans

    Allows you to customize the start time of a scan, avoiding service peak hours.

Rule Update

Updates the vulnerability rule library in real time on the cloud, preventing manual maintenance.

  • Comprehensive detection rules

    Ensures professional security teams to maintain the vulnerability detection library, meaning the rule library is under expert control.

  • Update of urgent vulnerability rules

    Updates detection rules upon the exploitation of 0-day vulnerabilities and checks whether websites are under the risks of exploitation.

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