Workspace is a virtual desktop service providing Windows desktops and applications as cloud services, allowing you to work anytime, anywhere. Using the latest cutting-edge cloud technology, Workspace provides you with simplified and secure IT office systems at a low cost.

Starting from ¥228.40/month

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Product Advantages
  • On-Demand Creation

    Virtual desktops can be created on demand and are easy to manage. After desktops are created, the system sends a notification email to you.

  • Ubiquitous Access

    Desktops can be accessed anytime, anywhere, and on any device. Common software and peripherals are compatible with Workspace.

  • Simplified O&M

    Huawei experts are responsible for infrastructure O&M, freeing you from complex maintenance operations required by conventional PCs and VDIs.

  • Enhanced Security

    Data is stored with multiple copies in data centers instead of user terminals, delivering better security than conventional PCs.

Application Scenarios
  • Mobile Office

  • Government/Enterprise Office

  • Development and Testing

  • Temporary Office

Mobile Office

Mobile Office

Provides consistent desktop office experience no matter when you are at home or outside the office, perfect for those frequently on business trips.


Mobile Network Access

You can access desktops from the Internet or mobile network anytime, anywhere.

Access from Various Terminals

You can access desktops from PCs, tablets, and smart phones.

Government/Enterprise Office

Government/Enterprise Office

Ensures consistent office experience for enterprise headquarters, branches, or mobile offices, and even for those who go on business trips.


Rapid Branch Access

Branches can rapidly access the unified desktop system for office from the Internet.

Enhanced Enterprise Office Security

Enterprise data is stored in data centers only, preventing data leakage.

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Development and Testing

Development and Testing

Rapidly provides the unified development and testing desktop environment using custom templates and ensures the security of R&D data.


Unified Development and Testing Environment

You can preinstall development and testing software using custom desktop images.

Isolation of Data from Clients

Source codes are not transferred or stored to clients, reducing information leakage risks.

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Temporary Office

Temporary Office

Rapidly provisions desktops for temporary employees and releases the desktops when they leave. You only need to pay the lease expense.


On-Demand Provisioning

You can manage, provision, and delete desktop instances when necessary.

Easy to Use

You can use cloud desktops easily by following the instructions in the email.


  • Remote Access

    You can rapidly access cloud desktops from mobile devices anywhere in the world.

  • AD Integration

    By integrating AD domain controllers for authentication, your employees can seamlessly access internal systems.

Remote Access

  • Mobile access anytime, anywhere

    Cloud desktops can be accessed from the Internet, mobile network, VPN, or Direct Connect.

  • Access from various terminals

    You can access cloud desktops using various smart terminals, such as TCs, iPhones, iPads, Android smart phones, tablets, Windows PCs, and Mac terminals.

AD Integration

  • Interconnecting with enterprise AD

    You can interconnect the existing AD system with Workspace for user authentication, keeping the existing account system unchanged. Note: This function must be used with the VPN service.

  • Making use of LiteAD

    LiteAD is a free service that provides basic catalog services and user management functions required by desktops.

  • Accessing local applications and devices

    Using the VPN service, you can connect the enterprise network to the VPC so your cloud desktops in the VPC can access the enterprise's local applications and devices, such as the ERP system and local printer.

  • Peripheral Redirection

    You can use peripheral redirection to redirect local devices to cloud desktops.

  • Data Protection

    Data is comprehensively protected when being transferred from clients to the cloud data center.

Peripheral Redirection

  • Dedicated virtual peripheral channels

    You can seamlessly use diverse peripherals on cloud desktops using printer, clipboard, and file redirections, as well as others.

  • Peripheral port control

    Peripheral redirection can be configured using parameters. All read-write operations can be configured on demand to suit different security demands.

  • Universal USB channels

    Universal USB channels enable USB redirection and can be used by some dedicated peripherals for transmission.

Data Protection

  • Data stored on the cloud

    Data is not stored on user terminals, and only video and audio code streams are transmitted to clients, preventing data leakage.

  • Data HA

    Distributed cloud storage technology and multi-level backup ensure up to 99.9999999% data reliability.

  • End-to-end security control

    Workspace provides a wide array of security enhancement measures, including transmission encryption, user authentication, network isolation, and port restriction.

Recommended Configurations


Limited application scenarios


Limited application scenarios


  • CPU 2 cores
  • Memory 4 GB
  • System disk 60 GB
  • Data disk 100 GB


  • Task worker
  • Public terminal


Heavy workload scenarios


Heavy workload scenarios


  • CPU 4 cores
  • Memory 8 GB
  • System disk 60 GB
  • Data disk 150 GB


  • Knowledge worker
  • Heavy workload


Heavy workload/High performance scenarios


Heavy workload/High performance scenarios


  • CPU 8 cores
  • Memory 16 GB
  • System disk 60 GB
  • Data disk 200 GB


  • Software developer
  • Heavy workload
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