SAP DR System on Cloud

The production system is deployed in your local data center while the disaster recovery system is deployed on HUAWEI CLOUD. The SAP HANA System Replication function keeps data synchronized, thereby improving system reliability. Get the secure system you need with minimal investment.
  • Low Cost

    You do not need to build your own data centers, saving you big on hardware and O&M costs.

  • High Reliability

    Synchronization between data in the cloud DR system and the off-cloud data center ensures high reliability. In addition, the OBS service can store data in the DR system to improve data reliability.

  • Strong Security

    HUAWEI CLOUD complies with the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) of the British Standard Association (BSI).

  • Easy O&M

    Professional teams at HUAWEI CLOUD provide O&M services so your personnel can focus on your core business.

Solution Architecture

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