Service Assurance

HUAWEI CLOUD's professional O&M teams provide a full range of technical support services for you.

24/7 Service Support

Professional HUAWEI CLOUD experts are at your service around the clock. If you encounter any problems while using HUAWEI CLOUD, you can submit a service ticket. If you are a customer in Hong Kong, you can also call our 800 hotline.


If you are not satisfied with any HUAWEI CLOUD products you purchased, you can submit a service ticket to request a refund.
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    Submit Refund Request

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    Generate Refund Ticket

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24/7 After-Sales Support Scope

Services provided:

1. One-to-one purchase consulting, configuration recommendation, solution consulting, and test & trial support related to HUAWEI CLOUD

2. Account management, console operations, cloud product usage and configuration guidance related to HUAWEI CLOUD

3. Technical support and fault diagnosis for cloud products, consoles, APIs, and SDKs related to HUAWEI CLOUD

4. Consulting and suggestions on compatibility issues related to third-party software installation, configuration, and running on HUAWEI CLOUD

Services not provided:

1. Deployment, modification, addition, and deletion of cloud resources

2. Download, installation, configuration, deployment, and commissioning of third-party software or tools

3. Fault diagnosis and analysis for third-party software or tools

4. Code development

5. Routine managed services

As HUAWEI CLOUD services continue to grow, we are expanding the portfolio of our after-sales services to provide more comprehensive and professional services for our customers. Thank you for your understanding and your continued support for HUAWEI CLOUD.

Refund Rules

1. Resource refund:

For any prepaid product, you can request a partial refund through the HUAWEI CLOUD User Center, with only handling fee and usage fees already billed deducted.

Refund amount = Your actual payment – Handling fee – Amount due

Your actual payment refers to the cash payment, not including any payment made with coupons.

Amount due = Your actual payment x (Actual product usage period/Total period by subscription)

2. Renewal period refund:

For a renewal period that has not yet begun, you can request a full refund through the HUAWEI CLOUD User Center.

Refund amount = Your actual payment (not including coupons)

The handling fee varies by product category and actual product usage period.

Product Category Actual Usage Period ≤ 1 Year 1 Year < Actual Usage Period ≤ 2 Years 2 Years < Actual Usage Period ≤ 3 Years
3-year prepaid product 15% x Actual payment 10% x Actual payment 5% x Actual payment
2-year prepaid product 15% x Actual payment 10% x Actual payment /
Monthly prepaid product 10% x Actual payment / /

3. Refund conditions:

Prepaid products (for example, those billed on an hourly, monthly, or yearly basis) are refundable. The following cloud resources are not refundable:

- Cloud resources labeled by the HUAWEI CLOUD website or your contract as non-refundable

- Pay-per-use resources (including pay-per-use packages)

- Cloud resources that have reached the grace or reservation period

- Other cloud resources that are not covered by refund scenarios


Before requesting a refund, ensure that you have migrated or backed up any data saved on the cloud resources for which you are about to be refunded. After the refund is complete, the refunded cloud resources and any data they contain will be permanently deleted.