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About Kaitian Games

Founded in the beginning of 2013, Beijing Kaitian Chuangshi Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Kaitian Games) is a mobile Internet game company that integrates game R&D and release. The company owns the copyrights of some premier IPs in China, such as Shanda Games IP "Legend" and literature IP "Candle in the Tomb". Kaitian Games has been adhering to a top-quality product strategy for years since its founding. Its first product, Sabak Legend, has generated over CNY 50 million since its open beta test and is still in steady operation. Its MMORPG games, "Sabak Legend: The Return of the King" and "The Blood of the Blade", are deployed in different regions and servers, and tens of thousands of players have made reservations for the game's first test on Android.


From closed testing, internal testing, and open testing up to official launch, each phase requires different technologies and configurations. Besides the game launch time, quality, and iteration speed, game vendors need to take into consideration network conditions, game experience, and user retention after the game is brought online.


    Kaitian Games has high requirements on databases. Quick deployment, high performance, and low latency are their basic requirements. HUAWEI CLOUD RDS MySQL and DDS are two types of databases with in-depth kernel optimization. They deliver ultra-high performance, as well as stable performance and latency in high-concurrency scenarios.

    They also support batch creation of database instances. A maximum of 50 instances can be provisioned at a time and completed within several minutes. This addresses the needs of quick launching and guarantees user experience when large numbers of players flood into the game.

    MySQL is one of the most popular open-source databases. With years of experience in database optimization, HUAWEI CLOUD improves its MySQL database performance in high concurrency scenarios by 50% compared with the community version. HUAWEI CLOUD RDS MySQL database supports up to 100,000 connections, satisfying the data read/write requirements.

    DDS is a database service that is secure, highly available, scalable, and easy to use. It provides a variety of functions including DB instance creation, scaling, redundancy, backup, restoration, and monitoring. Players' information, such as equipment and bonus points, generated from game applications are stored in DDS databases. During peak hours, DDS cluster instances can handle large amounts of concurrent requests.

    Kaitian Games has high requirements on data archiving. It demands that data can be restored to any point in time and requires batch restoration of database instances.

    HUAWEI CLOUD RDS MySQL and DDS support game restoration to any point in time. RDS MySQL supports the restoration of up to 50 instances at a time, which greatly reduces the restoration time and risk.


    The nature of the gaming market determines that moving to the cloud is the best choice for game vendors. Increasing numbers of game vendors are migrating to the cloud to achieve digital upgrading. In the cloud 2.0 era, the database is an important battlefield for game vendors. HUAWEI CLOUD database services will continue to serve the needs and provide strong support for game vendors like Kaitian Games, allowing them to focus on innovation and operations to develop quality games.