Hong Kong Aerospace Technology Group Limited (HKATG)

Hong Kong Aerospace Technology Group Limited (HKATG) is based on Hong Kong (China), an important gateway to international trade and one of the four WTO separate customs territories. HKATG is building an ecosystem with satellite basic services and satellite data applications as the core to serve the commercial aerospace industry. The Group is dedicated to driving Hong Kong's re-industrialization for Hong Kong's better social and economic development, and contributing to the growth of the global aerospace industry. Gang Hang Ke (Shenzhen) Space Technology Limited is a wholly owned subsidiary of HKATG and the only authorized agency of HKATG in the Chinese mainland. The company focuses on developing, selling, and leasing space robotics, designing space technology solutions, and developing network information technologies.


  • Availability of resources and expertise

    HKATG believes that HUAWEI CLOUD's abundant resources and expertise will help them provide better big data and AI services and raise their profile.

  • Professional support

    The collaboration with this trusted cloud service provider will allow HKATG to continuously develop innovative aerospace business and rise up to industry challenges on their journey to the future.

  • Strategic partner

    HKATG is confident that HUAWEI CLOUD will be their strong strategic partner moving forward. They strive to move into a more vigorous stage of developing their core businesses including satellite manufacturing, launching, and tracking, monitoring and control, and data applications.

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One of the challenges faced by the aerospace industry is how collected "near real-time" satellite data can be effectively stored, processed, analyzed, and applied in different scenarios. The smart use of the data can help governments with issues such as environmental protection and disaster prevention, meet demands in highly valuable markets, and enable efficient business decision making.


▪ HUAWEI CLOUD has the technological support required for the operation of Golden Bauhinia Constellation project in order to provide satellite data reception and application services, remote sensing big data and artificial intelligence service.

▪ Under the collaboration, HUAWEI CLOUD is responsible for solution provision and total system integration of the Golden Bauhinia platform through HUAWEI CLOUD.


HUAWEI CLOUD can help HKATG integrate skills, knowledge, and expertise, expand client base, and provide technical support for the operation of the Golden Bauhinia Platform. In this way, HKATG can provide better satellite data reception and application services and remote sensing big data and AI services, and further develop their businesses.