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Huawei Cloud and BAU Global to Create University of Tomorrow

Nov 25, 2022

The pandemic has reshaped the way students and teachers approached university studies. Certain institutions position themselves at the forefront of technological evolution, and BAU Global universities are among them. Under a comprehensive and unprecedented long-term partnership, BAU and Huawei Cloud create a university that is more connected, inclusive and environmentally-friendly.

Recently, world-leading Cloud service manufacturer giant Huawei Cloud signed a strategic partnership with BAU Global to further enhance the role of technology in promoting education and learning. This goal has always been a major focus and core competitiveness for BAU Global, one of the largest university groups in Europe.

A viable alternative to face-to-face lessons

Founded 55 years ago, the BAU Global group now includes seven universities and offers curricula that target different age groups from kindergarten to doctorates. It remains dedicated to providing a learning experience that balances academic performance with state-of-the-art technologies. Enver Yücel, President of BAU Global, firmly believes that this balance has become indispensable to high-quality teaching. "In a fast-changing world like ours, being at the forefront of technological equipment is a prerequisite for our students to learn comfortably and effectively," he said.

The BAU universities boast this concept in a wide range of technological solutions, including Metodbox, an AI platform providing teachers, students, and parents access to all educational content, and Quizy, an online testing tool. Such emphasis on technology has proved relevant and necessary during the Covid-19 pandemic, where thousands of students had to study from home. The BAU investment in hi-tech teaching has paid off. "Our recent research shows that online lessons and exams produced similar results to those in person," continued Yücel.

Creating the campuses of tomorrow

It was at the height of the pandemic, a unique time for the world of education, when strong ties were forged between Huawei Cloud and BAU. Underpinning this lasting, strategic partnership is the application of 5G, AI, and other emerging technologies to new teaching models. As Şirin Karadeniz, President of BAU, points out, "We will work in cooperation with Huawei Cloud to offer, on our Future Campuses, a digital, agile and environmentally friendly university."

This technological collaboration extends to cloud tools. Huawei Cloud stores BAU University data in Türkiye as part of the Public Cloud program offered by the Future Campus of Bahçeşehir University, a BAU Global stakeholder. No other Turkish university has thus far benefited from a locally-based public cloud provider. That is not all for this collaboration – they are planning projects that apply relational databases, big data, and the Internet of Things to various fields, especially the BAU key focuses of healthcare, education, and agriculture. Thanks to the partnership, nearly 250,000 students (excluding students and staff on campus) will benefit from the latest learning technologies and powerful online network. This progress is an important step in BAU Global's quest for technological development as well as in Huawei Cloud's pursuit of diversification.