Cloud Solution Provider Program

Why Join the Cloud Solution Provider Program

The Cloud Solution Provider Program helps HCPN partners to resell and deliver huawei cloud Services to end customers as part of unique offerings and directly bill end customers.


You must meet the following conditions before becoming a solution provider:

Requirement Description
Earns a competency certification
Annual Recurring Revenue (ARR) ≥ $12,000 USD/year
HCIA engineers ≥ 2
HCIP engineers ≥ 1
Customer cases ≥ 2


You will have the following benefits after becoming a solution provider:

Benefits Description
Sales support
Incentives Given based on partner's revenue
POC test coupons Given based on customer's project test requirements
Shared project opportunities Customer project opportunities shared by Huawei Cloud
Special incentives Eligible to request Huawei Cloud special incentives

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