Storage Capability

Elastic Volume Service (EVS) is a scalable virtual block storage service based on the distributed architecture. It provides high data reliability and high I/O throughput. Like hard disks of traditional servers, users can attach an EVS disk to an ECS and perform a series of operations, such as formatting the disk, creating a file system, and storing data to the EVS disk permanently.

  • High reliability:The 3-data-replica mechanism provides 99.99995% data persistency, ensuring data security and reliability.
  • High performance:Each EVS disk supports 20,000 IOPS and 350 MB/s throughput at most. Users can select EVS disks providing different performance based on service requirements.
  • Large capacity:The service provides block storages with ultra-large capacity. At most ten EVS disks can be attached to an ECS, and each EVS disk provides up to 32 TB storage capacity. EVS supports elastic scaling and is paid per use, which is highly cost effective.
  • Various specifications: Three types of EVS disks, average I/O, high I/O, and ultra-high I/O EVS disks, are available to users to meet different service scenario requirements. New specifications will be available later, and users can use them without any of other operations.
    Disk Type Maximum Storage Capacity/Disk (TB) Maximum IOPS/Disk Maximum Throughput/Disk (Mbit/s) Latency (ms)
    Average I/O (SATA) 32T 1000 90MBps 10ms
    High I/O (SAS) 32T 3000 150MBps 3ms
    Ultra-high I/O (SSD) 32T 20000 350MBps 2ms
  • Usability: Is easy to use and has low skill requirements for users.

Provides various cloud services.

  • Volume Backup Service backs up an EVS disk and uses the backup to restore the EVS disk when necessary, thereby maximally protecting accuracy and security of user data in the EVS disk.
  • Object Storage Service provides users with massive, secure, highly reliable, and low-cost data storage capabilities to store non-structured data, such as documents, photos, audios, and videos.
  • Data Express Service is a solution for massive data transmission. It uses physical storage media, such as external Universal Serial Bus (USBs) and external Serial Advanced Technology Attachment (eSATA) hard disk drivers, to transmit massive data to HUAWEI CLOUD. This service resolves the problems in massive data transmission, such as high network costs and long transmission time.
  • Data Transfer Acceleration reliably and rapidly transmits data of users outside HUAWEI CLOUD to this platform. The size of the transmitted data is not limited. Compared with traditional data transmission, this service eliminates restrictions on large file transmission, improves data transmission efficiency, and reduces uses' bandwidth costs. The service supports accelerated data transmission from a system outside of the cloud service platform to OBS.
  • Scalable File Service provides fully-hosted shared file storage for ECSs. It uses the standard file protocol (NFS) and can scale the storage size to a PB level. With its scalable performance, the service strongly supports applications involving massive data and high bandwidths.

Provides Scalable, On-demand Computing Resources

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