Management Platform

Provides multiple management methods, such as the console, remote terminal, and APIs, to offer full management rights to users.

  • Users can manage ECSs like traditional servers, such as remotely logging in to the terminals, resolving OS problems, and performing all operations.
  • Using the management console, APIs, and commands, users can restart ECSs, reset login passwords, and isolate the network.
  • In addition, users can use the web-based console or open APIs to manage one or thousands ECSs.

We will consistently optimize the management platform based on users' feedback to provide more functions and better user experience and respond more rapidly and efficiently.

  • If the ECS OS malfunctions due to misoperations, attacks, or data tampering, users can reinstall it to restore it.
  • In addition, ECSs can automatically scale in or out based on service requirements. Users can customize scaling configurations and policies to both meet service requirements and reduce resource consumption.

Provides Scalable, On-demand Computing Resources

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