Auto Scaling

Automatically scales service resources up or down based on preset policies and user service requirements. You can configure scaling policies based on a schedule, a cycle, or situations monitored to enable AS to dynamically adjust the number of ECSs instances, thereby ensuring stable and healthy service running.

  • Flexible: Supports configuration of multiple monitoring policies, such as scheduled and periodic polices, and automatically adds or deletes ECSs. The added ECSs will be automatically listened.
  • High availability: AS automatically checks the running status of instances in a scaling group, removes unhealthy instances, and enables new instances to ensure proper service running. In addition, the service allows users to configure multiple AZs and automatically distribute instances evenly among these AZs.
  • Visualized: Provides overall monitoring charts for scaling groups and scaling change views, helping users predict services and manage O&M.
  • Cost-effective: Charges users by the actual usage amount and reduces O&M costs to put users' investments to best use.

Provides Scalable, On-demand Computing Resources

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