Quantum Computing Software HiQ

Huawei HiQ platform enables quantum computing research and is a future quantum computer software solution.
Business Challenges
  • Improving Quantum Chip Quality

    Quantum chips require qubits with long coherence times, scalable design, attainable universal quantum gate set, and high-fidelity state initialization, control, and measurement. Quantum chips do not yet fully meet these criteria.

  • Optimizing Quantum Control and Error Correction Techniques

    Systematic control of quantum hardware using software such as auto-calibration, pulse sequence optimization, error characterization and fault tolerance is critical to develop scalable, high-precision QC systems. Related technologies are far from mature.

  • Designing Quantum Software

    Lack of application drivers, sufficiently small quantum hardware, and intuitive quantum programming pose challenges, as does high resource consumption by the quantum simulator.

  • Developing Quantum Algorithms

    Limited number of developed quantum algorithms, difficulty innovating in core quantum algorithms, and lack of theoretical basis for hybrid classical-quantum programming.

Solution Architectures

Architecture of Quantum Computing Software as Cloud Services

Based on the QC software architecture, HUAWEI CLOUD provides a comprehensive high-performance quantum circuit simulation platform. It contains three common distributed simulators: a full-amplitude circuit simulator, a single-amplitude circuit simulator, and the first cloud-based error correction circuit simulator. It also provides a quantum programming framework, HiQ. The framework will continue to evolve alongside Huawei's research, and we will continue expanding its functionalities useful for QC research, education, and popularization. We are committed to working closely with a broad spectrum of developers, researchers, educators, and students to innovate and promote technical research and industrialization of QC. We are working with more than 20+ QC research teams, and will continue to expand partnerships to build a full-stack QC solution.

Highlights of Our Quantum Software and Cloud Services

  1. Full-amplitude circuit simulator on the cloud: up to 42 qubits, with software performance 5 to 10 times higher than open-source counterparts

  2. Powerful single-amplitude circuit simulator on the cloud: up to 81 qubits, 40+ layers, or 169 qubits with 20+ layers

  3. The first cloud-based error correction circuit simulator: simulating circuits of 10,000+ qubits, with performance 5 to 15 times higher than similar software

  4. QC programming framework HiQ: Unique quantum programming BlockUI makes hybrid classic-quantum programming simpler and more intuitive. Its algorithm library already contains 10+ important basic algorithms. HiQ is compatible with the well-known open-source project, ProjectQ, and will remain open-source.

Solution Advantages
  • High-Performance Simulation Platform

    Three common distributed high-performance simulators are available: the full-amplitude circuit simulator supporting 42 qubits, single-amplitude circuit simulator supporting 81+ qubits, and a unique error correction circuit simulator.

  • Easy-to-Use, Full-Stack Programming Framework

    Unique BlockUI, optimized compiling, support for multiple frontend and backend, and compatibility with ProjectQ

  • Open Ecosystem Cooperation

    An open QC research and education platform promoting innovation through cooperation

  • Huawei Integrated ICT Technology

    Abundant HUAWEI CLOUD computing resources, and traditional electronic control and other ICT technologies

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