What type of startup do we support?

  • Technology Focus

  • Industry Focus

Technology Focus
  • AI

    Applications and solutions that demonstrated significant improvement, e.g. productivity, economics etc. with the use of AI and machine learning.

  • IoT

    With the proliferation of IoT devices, what do you bring to this world with the use of IoT technology (devices, connectivity and platform)?

  • SaaS

    Any digital enablers or disruptors that leverage mobile and web-based applications.

  • Edge Computing

    As a cornerstone of 5G and IoT, how does your solution leverage MEC in order to bring benefits to enterprises and consumers?

  • 5G

    A “killer” application that unlocks the true features and potential of 5G, e.g. mMTC, URLLC, eMBB.

Industry Focus
  • eCommerce

  • Fintech

  • Energy

  • Manufacture

  • Smart City

Huawei Spark Support Details

Huawei Spark Support Details

Financial support

• HUAWEI CLOUD credits up to USD $125,000

• Valid for 2 years

• Eligible for HUAWEI CLOUD Marketplace Commission-free

• Non-recurring development fund for Huawei Atlas AI product up to USD $100,000

Technical Support

• Complimentary cloud migration support

• 24x7 service support

• API & SDK support

• R&D development support on Huawei AI products

Training & Resources

• Complimentary access to Huawei developer community, ascend developer zone and developer kits

• Complimentary access to Huawei university and training resources

• Instructor-led training on request

GTM Support

• Invitation to Huawei Cloud and AI events e.g. monthly tech webinar, ISV AI summit, Huawei developer conference, Huawei connect

• Invitation to Huawei Spark Hackathon Asia Pacific challenges which are sponsored by Huawei and our enterprise clients

• Invitation to startup and venture capital networking events

•Joint-marketing events e.g. workshop, conference, joint solution / product launch events

Mentoring & Networking

With the intent to accelerate startups growth, Huawei establishes a startup advisory committee to provide regular coaching and mentoring support. The advisory committee is composed of:

• Subject matter experts e.g. CTO, CDO and corporate legal, marketing

• Enterprise leaders

• Venture capital firms

• Government Agencies

• Huawei executive sponsors

Spark advisory board hosts monthly networking events provide a social and business platform for networking and coaching purposes. Startups roadshow twice a year.

Spark Fire

Spark fire is a unique value proposition of Huawei Spark Program designed to boost startups business size and brand awareness. It is composed of three key initiatives

SELL-TO: Provide opportunities to Startups to sell its solutions to Huawei, annual revenue of $123B in 2019

SELL-WITH: Sell with Huawei global sales force and enable startup access to 197 of fortune 500 companies

SELL-THROUGH: Sell through Huawei App Store and Cloud marketplace, enable startup access to 600M Huawei mobile users and Huawei Cloud users globally

Huawei Spark Partners

If you are a venture capital firm, Government agencies, accelerator, incubator, or other startup-enabling organization interested in providing Huawei Spark benefits to your startups, please get in touch with us. We are open to discuss collaboration model and providing you with three key value propositions

Huawei Spark | What makes it unique?

Power to Deep-Tech Startups

  • Technological Leadership

    • Powered by one of world’s most technologically advanced company

    • Granted 87,805 patents as of 2018

    • $1.4B USD patent licensing revenue since 2015

  • Solution & Products

    • Full stack cloud solution coverage

    • Full stack AI solution coverage

    • Full stack 5G solution coverage

    • Diversified product portfolio across device, edge, connectivity, cloud

  • Global B2B + B2C market

    • 170 countries

    • Large MNC client base

    • 600m mobile services users

    • 15.2% of global smartphone market share in 2019, 3rd position worldwide

  • Success Enabled

    • One of the best incubation program in APAC

    • One of the best advisory and capital platform

    • Best business enablement program - Spark fire

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