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Centrin Data Systems
Industry IT services
Core servicesdata center and information system outsourcing, cloud computing and big data application, disaster recovery & backup, and business continuity management
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Company Profile

Founded in 2005, Centrin Data Systems is a Chinese high-tech enterprise with a registered capital of 450 million RMB. It is headquartered in Beijing and has subsidiaries in Suzhou and Yantai, China. Centrin Data Systems is an industry-leading information technology infrastructure provider and integrated IT service provider. It provides data center and information system outsourcing services, cloud computing and big data applications, and disaster backup and service continuity management services. It also helps customers become more competitive by improving the security and cost-effectiveness of their IT systems and service operation management.


In the finance industry, both demand for professional cloud computing services and expectations of cloud technologies are rising. In particular, cloud computing security, availability, performance, and scalability requirements are especially high. After comparing various cloud platforms, Centrin Data Systems decided to use the HUAWEI CLOUD platform.


    Huawei provided its on-premises cloud service platform for Centrin Data Systems and helped the company complete the first phase of its financial cloud construction. The cloud resources planned for the first phase of Centrin Data Systems financial cloud were as follows:

      • Virtualization resource pool: Huawei FusionSphere and Operation Center are used to construct cloud resource pools. Fusion Storage distributed storage devices are used to form EVS disks for ECSs. The cabinet space must be fully used. The internal network uses 10GE optical fibers to eliminate I/O bottlenecks. Network interconnection: two-layer (core + access) network architecture, which provides a large amount of storage capacity and makes management and expansion easy.
      • System communications: System communications are divided among service, storage, and management planes. Different planes are isolated using different technologies such as VLAN. Network isolation: A pair of firewalls is connected between the core firewall and the Internet egress to isolate borders. The core firewall is connected to another pair of firewalls to isolate internal network services. Resource management: Manages and schedules various physical and virtual cloud resources. Resources are allocated to VMs when they are created. Resource management involves the cloud management server, cluster management server, and installation server.
      • Platform management: Huawei FusionManager and Operation Center platforms are deployed, providing O&M GUIs for O&M personnel.
      • Service continuity: Specific redundancy mechanisms are used for the server, storage, network, virtualization, and management planes, ensuring service continuity.

      Customer Voice

      Huawei possesses a wealth of technical knowledge and years of experience in the cloud computing field, as well as strong R&D teams. In addition, HUAWEI CLOUD has complete IaaS solution capabilities. Centrin Data Systems is combining its experience in data center outsourcing in the finance industry and HUAWEI CLOUD to provide cloud computing services for customers in the finance industry. As strategic partners, Centrin Data Systems and Huawei will endeavor to provide one-stop controllable, high-quality, and secure cloud computing service products and solutions for finance, government, and enterprise customers.