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Huiying Medical Technology Co., Ltd. (HY Medical) is a leading frontier tech enterprise focusing on AI-powered solutions for radiologists. With the core technology of deep learning on medical images and multiple patents, HY Medical built three primary systems featuring Dr. Turing® AI-assisted Diagnosis platform, RadCloud® AI Scientific Research Platform, and NovaCloud® Intelligent Medical Image platform, benefiting medical workers and patients with AI-assisted screening/research/tele-radiology, etc. Looking to improve healthcare and to facilitate the medical field with AI, HY Medical reached strategic co-operations with Huawei. Powered by its talents and technology, HY Medical has undertaken and participated in 200+ scientific research projects, products benefiting 2,000+ doctors and 1,800,000+ patients.

Attend the event to learn more about:

• Unleash Cloud Based AI Power in Medical Imaging

• Identifying Cloud as a business strategy in various industries

• Leveraging cloud capabilities for improved customer experience

• Deep dive into case studies sharing in various medical application scenarios

• Start your digital transformation journey with HUAWEI CLOUD & HY Medical

Speaker - CHAI Xiangfei

CEO and Founder at HY Medical
CEO and Founder at HY Medical

Founder and CEO of HY Medical, is a leading Medical Imaging (MI) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) expert in China. Dr. Chai holds a postdoctoral degree from Stanford University and a Ph.D. in Medical Physics from the University of Amsterdam. He has more than 10 years of interdisciplinary research and engineering experience in MI, AI, image processing and data analysis. Dr. Chai returned to China in the year of 2015 and founded HY medical. HY medical plunges into clinical practice through its cloud-based deep learning applications ranging from vascular and lung disease to breast cancer. As China unicorn company, it has been collaborated with more than 1,000 medical institutions worldwide.


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