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Customer Stories

BBTV New Media
BBTV New Media urgently required a full-featured cloud platform to meet business requirements. Huawei Cloud provided BBTV New Media with high-performance cloud services from IaaS to SaaS, which improved performance by 20%, reduced costs by over 30%, and enhanced user experience country wide.
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Doula Continent: Reunion Rolled out with High Stability on Huawei Cloud
While the COVID-19 pandemic derailed and disrupted the education of the young generation in South Africa, Dynamic DNA was able to keep its learners' education on track and improve efficiencies during lockdowns, thanks to a partnership with Huawei Cloud and ULearning.
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Huawei Cloud Partners with SGCC for Smart IoT Lighting Up Households with ROMA
We have faith in Huawei Cloud, and that's why we chose ROMA for our IoT management platform. Now with standardized access for all sorts of devices, consistent models, and platform development, traditional silos are a thing of the past.
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Rain Uses Ulearning Online Education Solution, Helping Students in South Africa
The global pandemic of COVID-19 triggered strong demand for online learning solutions which could not only provide online classrooms, but also support other value-added functions like online student assessment, on-demand content generation and delivery, analytics and reporting.
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Consistent innovation is key to our ever-evolving banking solutions that ensure clients all over the globe keep up and stay compliant with the latest industry technology requirements. We strive to deliver the best, most comprehensive end-to-end solutions to our clients locally and internationally.
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Huawei Cloud Stack and China Life Launched the 1st Hybrid Cloud Architecture in the Chinese Insurance Industry
China Life uses Huawei Cloud Stack as the foundation of the entire IT infrastructure to manage self-developed OpenStack resource pools, VMware resource pools, and Rancher container resource pools. A diverse range of China Life businesses have been migrated to the hybrid cloud platform.
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