Shanghai ME Mechanical & Electrical Equipment Chain Co., Ltd.
Industryretail and e-commerce
Core Businesssales of industrial equipment
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Company Introduction

Shanghai ME Mechanical & Electrical Equipment Chain Co., Ltd. is a subsidiary of Bailian Group. It is co-invested by five listed companies such as Shanghai Material Trading Co., Ltd. and other well-known industrial enterprises in China (including Shanghai Machine Tool Works Co., Ltd.). Shanghai ME has invested in industrial product supply chains, industrial product integration, e-commerce logistics, and auction industries. It has invested heavily in establishing the e-commerce platform ( called “365me-Industrial Product Procurement,” adapting to the development of the manufacturing industry in China. In addition, Shanghai ME has established the e-commerce industrial product experience center, e-commerce operation center, and e-commerce distribution center.


  • ME, a solution vendor providing both online and offline services, faces the challenges of fast service transformation and fast product and solution iteration, which are raised by customer requirements.
  • ME requires convenient and efficient infrastructures to bear millions of industrial product SKUs.
  • Customer information and transaction data are core competitiveness of ME and require high security.


Huawei, an industry-leading cloud service provider in the aspects of brand, technical strength, service neutrality, and after-sales services, provides ME with the perfect hybrid cloud solution and high-quality and cost-effective services to ensure the stable and reliable running of the cloud platform.

Customer Benefits

  • HUAWEI CLOUD establishes efficient resource pools on the IaaS layer for ME by seamlessly integrating physical servers with cloud hosts to provide stable computing, storage, and network services for upper-layer systems. In addition, HUAWEI CLOUD sets up a complete firewall system to protect data security of ME. HUAWEI CLOUD respects the sovereignty of ME on e-commerce platform data, and does not implement value monetization using ME's data, winning ME's trust.
  • HUAWEI CLOUD provides database services on the PaaS layer to bolster weaknesses of ME in database construction and maintenance so that ME can be dedicated to developing functions of upper-layer applications to meet the requirements for larger service scale and greater user quantity in the future.