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Company Introduction

Xiangyang is a prefecture-level city in northwestern Hubei Province, China. It is the second-largest city in Xiangyang, behind only Wuhan, the provincial capital. With a history spanning more than 2,800 years, Xiangyang is a national historical and cultural city. It is the birthplace of Chu culture, Han culture, and the Three Kingdoms. Considered one of the third-tier cities in China, Xiangyang is a beneficiary of government and private investments, as the country seeks to urbanize and develop its interior provinces.


Lack of overall IT planning and non-unified construction of equipment rooms result in repeated infrastructure construction and investment wastes. The existing IT architecture cannot meet the construction requirements of Xiangyang's smart city project. To make things even worse, information systems deployed separately by each department create numerous data silos.


    Based on the IT requirements of each bureau in Xiangyang, the Xiangyang Municipal Commission of Economic and Information Technology works together with Huawei to develop plans to use cloud computing on e-government systems and establish a unified e-government cloud platform. They divide different security zones based on needs, use cloud services to centrally host the existing IT systems, and replace legacy devices with new ones according to usage. e-Government application systems in 19 municipal administrative units have been migrated to the e-government cloud platform so far.

    Customer Voice

    Huawei's e-government cloud solution bridges data silos in our e-government systems. The centralized construction greatly reduces IT investment for our city. In April 2015, Huawei's cloud data centers in Xiangyang underwent the strict testing and review by the computer expert team of the Third Research Institute of the Ministry of Public Security, passing all tests of the classified protection of information security to obtain the level-3 information security protection certificate. This once again proves that Huawei's cloud services can effectively and efficiently protect the security of Xiangyang e-government systems.