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Company Introduction

As the online gaming market competition escalates, players have higher game quality requirements. Game project lifecycles have shortened, and online gaming traffic costs have increased. Therefore, it is becoming increasingly important to build an economical, efficient, and refined data operations system to support service development.

Key background data required to support daily operations include new players, active players, retention rates, payment rate, and churn rates. Different company departments require data analysis results from the game data analysis platform to assist their decision making process. Based on business optimization requirements, well-known mobile game Dragonest, selected Huawei Cloud as its new vendor for data storage, computing services, data migration and other services. HUAWEI CLOUD platform's prompt and efficient key background data analysis enabled Dragonest to simultaneously adjust game operation models, implement precise advertisement, adjust game balance, and interests. 

Flexible scalability to meet cloud service expansion requirements

Different games and operation phases can lead to large variations in total number of users, active users, and maximum concurrent online users. This results in large variations in the number of backend login events. In a conventional data warehouse solution, Dragonest would have to purchase storage nodes to store data, and purchase additional nodes when data volume increases. However, increasing storage nodes can compromise data storage system stability and lead to table query failures. Therefore, data warehouses are not a long term solution for game publishers like Dragonest.

The big data architecture used in HUAWEI CLOUD's game operations data analysis solution replaced data warehouse to achieve highly stable data processing, and solved the pain point of low scalability in data warehouse architectures.

    Smooth migration to the cloud

    Up to 99% of query syntax remain unchanged after migrating databases to HUAWEI CLOUD, ensuring smooth service transition.


    You only pay for services used. Dragonest reduced about 30% of costs after migrating to HUAWEI CLOUD.

    Tailored cloud migration

    HUAWEI CLOUD fully understood Dragonest requirements and provided a tailored cloud migration solution, by selecting specific cloud services to match those needs. Onsite technical support was provided during the entire process to ensure Dragonest was familiar with purchased resources and services from HUAWEI CLOUD. This allowed Dragonest to focus on their business and save time.

    HUAWEI CLOUD provided Dragonest a solution with strong performance and scalability to solve data storage issues, and provided excellent services to reduce solution application obstacles which enhanced service efficiency. HUAWEI CLOUD helped Dragonest reduce costs with its reasonable billing mode, and protected Dragonest business interest by securing the customer's data security.