Industry: e-commerce retailing
Core business: leisure snack retailing
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BESTORE, founded in Wuhan, Hubei Province, is a leading Chinese leisure snack brand, with a global customer base. BESTORE has approximately 2,000 brick-and-mortar stores across China, as well as 30 online stores. The brand also runs an app, an official online mall, and a WeChat sales platform, while also providing takeout services through both self-operated and third-party e-Commerce platforms. Thus far, BESTORE has attracted more than 22 million members and 13+ million WeChat followers.


BESTORE has developed rapidly into a leading enterprise in the Chinese leisure food retail industry. The company adheres to an "Internet Plus" strategy, by integrating Internet sales into its business model, as well as embracing omni-channel, O2O, and new media marketing to consistently boost sales. During “Double 11,” China's peak online shopping holiday, the number of orders skyrockets, and it is paramount for BESTORE to ensure that its system is stable, so that customers can enjoy a pleasant shopping experience.

BESTORE has developed a premier reputation among consumers due to its high-quality products and customer-centric service. The company has over 2,000 physical stores, 30 e-Commerce platforms, a social media platform with millions of followers, and a complex supply chain system. In light of its rapid growth, the company has sought to build an omni-channel intelligent retail management platform, to break down the barriers between online and offline stores, and deliver a consistent shopping experience for consumers. BESTORE attaches great importance to accelerate new product launches and diversify its retail business in order to meet ever-shifting demand. 


    Online and Offline Integration

    After a rigorous process that involved comparing and contrasting different IT services, BESTORE opted for Huawei's private cloud solution (FusionSphere 6.3) in 2017, with the expectation that it would centrally manage all server resources, and efficiently allocate resources for optimal usage.

    In 2018, BESTORE deepened its partnership with Huawei by migrating all SAP development and test systems to HUAWEI CLOUD. Since then, the on-premises and cloud-based systems have been linked seamlessly and managed centrally. When the on-premises system does not have sufficient resources, service requests are automatically redirected to the cloud-based system for processing. In addition, HUAWEI CLOUD resources are flexibly scaled up or out to help BESTORE cope with surging demand.

    Fast Migration

    HUAWEI CLOUD provides end-to-end services for migrating on-premises SAP systems to the cloud. Huawei's in-house server migration tool SMT has helped BESTORE successfully migrate more than 30 suites of SAP systems to the cloud, in the span of only three days.

    Accelerated Innovation

    The approximately 100 engineers at the BESTORE IT department are utilizing HUAWEI PaaS services, such as the microservice Cloud Service Engine (CSE) and microservice cloud application platform ServiceStage, over the course of development. A substantial number of service codes can now be reused, which simplifies the R&D process, for accelerated product launching.

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    After bringing the SAP on HUAWEI Hybrid Cloud online, BESTORE brought online and offline stores under the same umbrella, and successfully built an integrated omni-channel smart retail management platform.

    During the "Double 11” shopping festival in China, perhaps the busiest online shopping day in the world , a large number of orders tend to flood BESTORE's systems. "Thanks to HUAWEI CLOUD's high scalability, BESTORE are able to fulfill customer orders more efficiently during peak shopping period. During the "Double 11” shopping festival in 2017, we processed and delivered 2.4 million orders in just 5 days. Due to HUAWEI CLOUD’s unique capabilities, we now have the capacity to handle a sudden surge in demand, and believe that HUAWEI CLOUD will help lead the way into a new high-growth era," noted Zhu Shuxiang, CIO at BESTORE.

    "BESTORE engineers usually spend about 3 to 4 days to deploy an ECC training system, or a test system that incorporates production system data. Now, with the help of the system clone function, they can finish the deployment in an hour, with just a few clicks," added Mr. Zhu.


    — Zhu Shuxiang, CIO at BESTORE

    BESTORE is very prudent in choosing service providers. We chose Huawei for its customer-centric approach, and highly-responsive services. By deploying SAP systems on HUAWEI Hybrid Cloud, BESTORE is better prepared than ever for any and all future opportunities and challenges.