Zhejiang Universal Filter Co., Ltd.
Industry: Auto parts
Core business: Manufacturer of filters, auto parts, and other equipment
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About Universal Filter

Founded in 1993, Zhejiang Universe Filter Co., Ltd. (Universe Filter) is a manufacturer of filters, auto parts, and other equipment. The company boasts an advanced, 60,000-square meter factory, fixed assets of CNY 150 million, and annual production of over 50 million components. Universe Filter integrates R&D, production, and sales and applied advanced testing devices and methods, to deliver cutting-edge products that have obtained the ISO9001, QS9000, VDA6.1, and ISO/TS16949 certifications. 70% of their products are exported to Western markets, such as the U.S., Canada, and Europe, and the company has built a sterling reputation around the world. Nonetheless, Universe Filter has committed to a major global expansion, in which it hopes to ramp up production and enter new markets.


Liu Wanbin, CEO of Universe Filter has said, "We are launching new products every year. By selling more and more products in overseas markets, we now require powerful IT systems to keep a close eye on procurement management, and share information efficiently with suppliers and business partners. We want to reduce the investment in IT fixed assets, without slowing down R&D. Furthermore, we’d prefer to avoid devoting valuable resources towards O&M, and instead would like to focus solely on accelerating product rollout to respond to changing market demands."


Superior Performance

SAP S/4HANA is deployed on powerful HUAWEI CLOUD e1.4xlarge ECSs, with each ECS providing up to 16 vCPUs and 470 GB of memory, while service systems are deployed on general-purpose computing ECSs to keep costs down. Meanwhile, HUAWEI CLOUD ECSs can be scaled up or out on a flexible basis, to help Universe Filter cope with unexpected surges in demand.

High Security and Reliability

If your IT systems are on the cloud, your core service data is stored there, which makes data security the highest priority for any IT service provider. Fortunately, HUAWEI CLOUD implements a diverse range of safeguard measures:

  • Access control: Internal users of Universe Filter connect to the intranet through HUAWEI CLOUD VPNs. Next-generation virtual firewalls are deployed to protect SAP Routers, and ensure optimal security for SAP Support channels.
  • Network isolation: The HUAWEI CLOUD Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) provides subnets and security groups to further enhance network security.
  • Key management: The HUAWEI CLOUD Key Management Service (KMS) is integrated with Object Storage Service (OBS), Elastic Volume Service (EVS), and Image Management Service (IMS). These services work together to store and encrypt SAP system data.
  • Backup and restoration: The HUAWEI CLOUD Volume Backup Service (VBS) and Cloud Server Backup Service (CSBS) can restore data to any point in the past. If there is a virus intrusion, mistaken deletion, or hardware or software fault, your data is safe. OBS achieves up to 12-nines (99.9999999999%) of data durability and maintains an impressive 99.995% service continuity rate.

Dedicated Support

Li Haijie, the IT manager at Universe Filter noted, "HUAWEI CLOUD put dedicated service managers on standby, to help us resolve any issues we encountered. They provided professional support during the feature rollout and backup drills. We feel incredibly fortunate to have found HUAWEI CLOUD, and we hope to deepen our relationship with them."


By leveraging the SAP on HUAWEI CLOUD solution, the SAP S/4HANA system is quickly brought online, providing Universe Filter with intelligent supply chain management, logistics, and customer management. Their products can now be delivered around the world in the shortest possible time, accelerating the company’s growth into new markets.

By using HUAWEI CLOUD, Universe Filter does not need to construct data centers of its own, or invest heavily in O&M. The company is free to focus on its core business, auto parts innovation and quick product rollout.

"SAP systems have been running stably and efficiently on HUAWEI CLOUD. The order completion rate for the global supply chain has soared by 30%, and procurement costs have been slashed by 25%. We are able communicate with customers more efficiently through multiple channels. The cost of each interaction has decreased by about 15%. As our business continues to grow, we are now capable expanding system capacity through just a few clicks to account for new demand."


Li Haijie, IT manager at Universe Filter