Daqing Oilfield Co., Ltd.
Industry: Energy manufacturing
Core business: Exploration and development, engineering technology, engineering construction, production assurance, equipment manufacturing, oilfield chemical, mining services
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About Daqing Oilfield

Daqing Oilfield Co., Ltd. (“Daqing Oilfield”) is a wholly-owned subsidiary of the China National Petroleum Corporation (CNPC) and a large state-owned enterprise that focuses primarily on oil and gas exploration and development. Daqing Oilfield’s services span exploration and development, engineering technology, engineering construction, production assurance, and equipment manufacturing, as well as oilfield chemical and mining industries. Oilfield digitalization is one of seven key strategic industries specified in the 12th Five-Year Plan, that involves implementing a new generation of information technology (IoT/sensor network), and the use of high-end equipment manufacturing.


With the development of information technology, there are now increasingly greater requirements on the oilfield automation system, especially with regard to safe production levels and workflow efficiency. The oilfield exploration system is particularly important within the production process. Nonetheless, traditional oilfield exploration faces the following challenges:

  • The existing exploration system for oilfields is outdated, and features low computing performance (computing tasks can take days). Oilfield researchers have long hoped to replace the existing infrastructure, in order to improve production efficiency.
  • The customer would like to obtain basic infrastructure by lease, so that it could focus primarily on core services.
  • The service platform must meet the production and operation requirements of mainstream software, for oilfield seismic data processing, interpretation, and exploration and development.


To resolve the myriad of issues facing Daqing Oilfield, HUAWEI CLOUD uses a dedicated cloud, which includes Bare Metal Server (BMS) for running the HPC system, Scalable File Service (SFS) for storing earthquake data of about 10 PB, and the cloud platform equipped with three-level safeguards and tenant-specific security services that meet the rigorous security requirements for core data. HUAWEI CLOUD's services support the deployment of oilfield seismic data processing and interpretation software, HPC service software, and post-production data processing software, for instance, Geoeast and Paradigm ES-360.


Huawei DeC provides its customers with the following benefits:

  • Huawei DeC has helped Daqing Oilfield resolve computing performance and data storage problems related to its original system, significantly reducing the capital investment required by Daqing Oilfield, and improving work efficiency in the process. Furthermore, by leveraging unique advantages in security compliance, synchronous upgrading, and comprehensive O&M, HUAWEI CLOUD has met all of Daqing’s Oilfield’s diverse needs, allowing it to focus on its core business instead.
  • Nearly 700 sets of servers, storage systems, and network devices have been deployed, and a high-speed cloud DC network with 400G bandwidth has been constructed as well, improving computing capabilities by 833%, from 1.2 million times/s to 10 million times/s.
  • The high-performance computing cluster of Huawei DeC meets customer requirements for efficient operation of mainstream seismic processing software used across the globe. It is estimated that the annual area dedicated for 3D seismic processing will soon reach 8000 square kilometers, and the area required for pre-stack seismic data processing will grow from 400 square kilometers to 2000 square kilometers, an increase of 500%.
  • The Huawei HPC cloud data center works like a zoom CT machine for Daqing Oilfield. It can accurately identify favorable targets for exploration, for efficient exploration and refined development for oil and gas.
  • A digital oil reservoir research center is scheduled to be built, utilizing high-performance servers provided by the Huawei HPC data center. Underground oil reservoir blocks will be analyzed and evaluated, based on development well and seismic zone data, providing a clearer picture of the local geological structure. Well seismic activity, when combined with the compilation of the overall sedimentary facies map, and the analysis of the reservoir big data, provides an in-depth understanding of the overall sedimentary features of the reservoir. This has enormous significance in formulating oilfield development and adjustment plans, and developing potential drilling measures, which helps increase an oilfield’s storage and production capabilities. These services have been lauded by Daqing Oilfield, which credits HUAWEI CLOUD with assisting in the company’s transition to smarter, digitalized management and operations.


The oilfield was initially quite weak with regard to computing and storage capabilities. Therefore, the pre-stack time offset processing could only be performed on the seismic data in the middle and shallow layers of the oilfield. The ground layer had a maximum depth of 5 km, and a maximum processing area of 400 square km. With the high-performance computing cluster and massive storage capabilities provided by HUAWEI CLOUD, we can now perform pre-stack migration processing for the deep layers in an oilfield, reaching 8,000 meters, with a maximum processing area of 2,000 square kilometers. Hard to overstate how much of a game-changer this has been for us!