Harbin Pharmaceutical Group
Industry: Healthcare
Core business: Antibiotics, non-prescription drugs, healthcare products, traditional and modern Chinese medicine, biomedicine, animal vaccines, and pharmaceutical
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About Harbin Pharmaceutical Group

Harbin Pharmaceutical Group (HPGC) is a sino-foreign joint venture. As the first listed company in the industry, and a top-10 pharmaceutical enterprise in China, HPGC achieved an annual sales of over CNY 10 billion. HPGC built a listed platform for its pharmaceutical business by integrating subordinate assets and sectors via asset swaps, thereby implementing both independent operating and collaborate development. In 2017, HPGC sales revenue reached CNY 12 billion, with a brand value of over CNY 23.8 billion.


Harbin Pharmaceutical Group (HPGC) currently has multiple sub-plants, each of which has its own ERP system. Data interaction is difficult, and as a result, the company has an urgent need for digital solutions. As a leading pharmaceutical company that has experienced rapid growth, HPG has also encountered unforeseeable challenges, namely the following:

Low collaborative efficiency, due to self-reliance

Before 2017, HPGC had implemented a highly-fragmented, decentralized information management system. Each subsidiary independently constructed systems such as ERP, WMS, and OA, with differing information platforms, software versions, and interfaces. This meant that business data sources couldn’t be captured comprehensively, and that it was difficult to integrate all of the data. It took a long time for HPG to understand the business status of each subsidiary, and therefore, the company couldn’t collect timely, accurate and useful information, which is necessary for making important decisions at a company-wide level.

High O&M costs from heterogeneous systems

The independent information systems deployed by subordinate subsidiaries greatly hindered HQ's attempts to manage the company, leading to soaring O&M costs.

Security risks caused by system fragmentation

The financial, procurement, and marketing systems were deployed separately, according to the needs for each function. These systems were completely isolated from each other. Furthermore, regional and county-level franchisees as well as company management, used a public network to access the information platform. Therefore, data and network security were seriously lacking. If a problem occurred, software, network, and hardware from multiple vendors would need to work with each other to resolve the issue, a clearly inefficient process.

Current market trends and evolving industry practices motivated the company to implement digital solutions. To increase profits and improve its long-term outlook, HPGC sought to blaze a new trail in the pharmaceutical industry. 


In 2012, Huawei became SAP's first global technical partner in China, which culminated in the signing of a strategic partnership in 2014, and the establishment of a joint innovation center in the fields of Industry 4.0 and IoT the following year. Then in 2018, HUAWEI CLOUD completed full-stack certification covering IaaS, virtualization, storage, and integrated server.

Catering to enterprises, Huawei SAP Cloud solutions allows its clients to deploy SAP key services on the Huawei cloud platform, and provides automated management and full lifecycle management services, by leveraging Huawei's cutting-edge computing, network, storage, and security services. This enables enterprises to implement digitalized, streamlined operations, and maximize investments in SAP’s key service areas. Some common applications include: SAP DR system on cloud, SAP migration to cloud, SAP new system on cloud, SAP elastic on cloud (backup), and SAP hybrid on cloud (some systems on cloud).

In terms of compliance, Huawei highly values the sanctity of enterprise data, and meets the most stringent compliance requirements in every jurisdiction, both within China and around the world. Huawei's reputation as a highly trustworthy operator is further bolstered by its commitment to respecting the integrity and privacy of its client’s data.

With regard to O&M services, Huawei has years of experience in providing tailored services for enterprise clients, including VIP O&M services, professional infrastructure O&M services, and unparalleled long-term customer service capabilities.


To meet the comprehensive requirements of Harbin Pharmaceutical Group, HUAWEI CLOUD provides a dedicated cloud solution. The SAP on DeC solution provided by Huawei fully meets Harbin's long-term IT infrastructure planning blueprint, with regard to security, performance, reliability, sustainable growth, and professional O&M.

In deploying SAP’s unique capabilities, Huawei has provided HPGG with SAP on DeC, ensuring that its tenants have access to dedicated computing and storage resources on the cloud, and utilize highly reliable isolated networks, meeting the high performance and security requirements of tenants' SAP systems.

With regard to network access, HPGC HQ connects to the HUAWEI CLOUD North China region in active-active mode through private lines to ensure easy and secure access. The access traffic of all factories is aggregated to the Harbin branch to reduce the costs of accessing core services. Each factory connects to the HUAWEI CLOUD in VPN mode on an emergency access line. Suppliers and franchisees are able to access services over the Internet, without needing to consume private line bandwidth.

For disaster recovery, SAP disaster recovery systems can be deployed across regionals of Huawei data centers. The remote replication technology officially supported by SAP is used to asynchronously replicate data from HANA DB to the disaster recovery system. When the North China region is unavailable, customers can access disaster recovery node via a VPN to switch over within a few minutes.

Low RTO and RPO can minimize the impact on services when a disaster strikes. Huawei has provided SAP construction planning suggestions for HPGC, which are comprehensive and forward-looking.

With the comprehensive IT construction scheme detailed above, HPGC can implement centralized data management, and each individual factory can transmit data to the central system through the dedicated line for HQ, ensuring optimally timely and accurate data. In addition, the efficiency of generating intelligent reports is improved exponentially, which greatly enhances operations and group decision-making.


    It’s important trust the provision of important services to the experts in the field. As a strategic partner of Harbin Pharmaceutical Group offering crucial assistance in the IT infrastructure sector, Huawei’s services have enabled Harbin Pharmaceutical Group to focus on its core business. Huawei is highly trustworthy due to its technological prowess, sterling reputation, and continuous investment in the enterprise business market.

    ----Hao Shijun, General Manager of HPGC