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About IOT Technology

IOT Technology, Incorporated is well positioned to realize the potential of the internet of things. They provide a platform for efficient, cost-effective machine to machine (M2M) communication and deliver the necessary integration components for the seamless interchange of data and information to bring forth innovative business information intelligence for maximum efficiency.

IOT Technology is now serving customers from many sectors, such as transportation, logistics, retail, and finance. They provide a variety of services that feature massive connectivity with high concurrency. For instance, they provide a GPS tracking platform for logistics companies to have a full visibility to track, monitor, and control trucks and goods. After trucks are precisely monitored, empty runs can be significantly reduced.


IOT Technology are facing two main problems. As their business grows, the total cost of ownership (TCO) increases too. The second issue is that their cloud nodes are deployed in the USA, but their customers are in the Philippines, so network latency is a headache.

For a cloud platform to provide real-time services, system and infrastructure optimization is imperative to help deal with changing requirements, and professional support from the vendor needs to be prompt and targeted. Such timely, professional support can be hard to come by.


    Huawei reached out to IOT Technology, carefully examined their services, and created a dedicated solution that lowered the TCO and shortened the network latency. First, HUAWEI CLOUD helped the company migrate legacy applications, without interrupting services, to the new cloud. Then, HUAWEI CLOUD provided high-performance VMs that can run under great workloads and can be flexibly scaled in or out as needed. Stable, secure relational database services (RDSs).

    HUAWEI CLOUD provided professional migration toolkits and engineers to support a smooth transition to the new cloud. If and when IOT Technology has any technical issues, local HUAWEI CLOUD engineers are always there to help rectify faults and optimize system performance. Rich O&M functions greatly reduce the cost of O&M and the overall TCO. 


    By using the scalable, intelligent cloud services from HUAWEI CLOUD, IOT Technology reduced the TCO by 40%. Cloud nodes are deployed closer to their customers, which shortens the network latency from more than 100 ms to 40 ms or less. IOT Technology can also take advantage of professional, targeted guidance from HUAWEI CLOUD engineers when needed, and improve the customer experience with faster response times.